Re: what's wrong with my sendmail?

Subject: Re: what's wrong with my sendmail?
From: David J. Weller-Fahy (
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 17:52:00 AKST

* Justin Dieters <> [2003-11-13 21:53 -0900]:
> Yes, it was set to localhost and 192.168.*.*. I have since changed it
> to localhost only though. Since I have turned off my httpd (see my
> "Found Problem?" message) I am going to have to reenable relaying. I
> only have two machines that need to relay, so I will try what you said
> - just put their addresses instead of a whole subnet.

Yep, I read the found problem message (of course) after I'd already sent
off the reply. To slow in my old age. ;]

> It was Smoothwall GPL 1.0 with all the patches applied. I was having
> problems though, so today I replaced it with IPcop 1.3 with all the
> patches applied. (I have been having problems with smoothwall for a
> while)

Yeah, I just installed Smoothwall 2.7 beta 7 a few days ago. Wanted to
see if it would allow me to play Baldur's Gate through the firewall. It
wouldn't. Clarkconnect will, but it's not a very lightweight firewall.
I'm thinking about running a Debian installation using shorewall, or an
OpenBSD installation. Haven't decided yet, though.

Anyway, glad you ID'd the problem. :)


dave [ please don't CC me ]
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