Re: adding a hard drive

Subject: Re: adding a hard drive
From: James Dory (
Date: Wed Nov 19 2003 - 08:09:14 AKST wrote:

>You might want to consider a removable hard drive tray for your Master drive. CompUSA has them. I have two bays and four hard drives so I can experiment with different distros with no risk of screwing things up. It also makes it nice for rebuilding a new system. I use FAT32 for my slave drive and keep most of my personal stuff on that instead of using my home directory. This way any OS I'm using can read/write my files. FAT32 is limited to 32MB per partition hence the name. So far I'm very happy with Mandrake 9.2 with KDE which is now available on FTP mirrors. Much more stable and bug free than RH9 with Gnome for me.

Thanks Neil,

Maybe that is the better way. Safest anyway. And less time spent trying
to learn how to make it all work. I imagine they are making sata drive
trays now.. I'll poke around Mandrake a bit as well and see if that
fits the bill.

cheers, Jim

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