NIC Speed and Duplexing

Subject: NIC Speed and Duplexing
From: Dan Wolf (
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 06:23:35 AKST

Hello all,
I am running Suse 8.2 (soon 9.0) on an Abit BE6 II MB with a P500. A 3Com Fast Ethernet PCI 3C595-TX is installed. Can anyone provide a clue or pointer to information on how to selectivly set the Speed (10 or 100) and the Duplexing (Full or Half) for the card. The 3Com driver for Windows permits changing these parameters but I have been unable to locate details for doing this in Linux. I have looked through the configuration tools included with SUSE and read the Ethernet How-To but I have not had any luck. The system runs fine but stays at 10Mb. I have two additional systems which I have connected to to the same switch. These systems are running Intel eepro 10/100 cards and run at 100 full by default.
Thanks in advance!

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