Server Changelog Software

Subject: Server Changelog Software
From: Jamie Hushower (
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 09:21:14 AKST

I am searching for software that provides management-change logging to
create a database of changes to many (fifteen) servers. I haven't had
any luck.

I have tried writing everything in a notebook, but the bulk of
information is too great to search through efficiently when required. I
need a searchable database. The only real requirements are 1) a search
function and 2) the ability to enter information for separate servers
and the continued separation of that data. I don't need much more than a
blank "box" to enter the changes. However, categorization (hardware,
software, network) options would be welcome.

Can anyone recommend a package that will accommodate this need? I would
prefer something Web-based. A MySQL backend would be best unless just a
flat text file.



PS Before someone brings it up; I understand that a server log should
not reside on a computer in case of a crash. It is my intention to print
the last page of the log after each entry and add it to a notebook.

Jamie Hushower
Computer Consultant

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