Re: Switching from GCI to ACS

From: Stanley Long <>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2007 - 18:23:09 AKDT

Greg Madden wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 October 2007, Bob Cortez wrote:
>> I am absolutely fed up with ... [clipped]
> ACS dsl uses PPPOE, so if you connect using a Linux box the Roaring
> Penguin is your friend, as Arthur pointed out. Using a router select
> PPPOE as your connection method, supply your user name and password for
> ACS, the rest of the info isn't needed or is supplied during the
> connection process. I am on 24/7 so I enable the persistent
> (re)connection, automatic dns, no idle timeout, connect on restart. These
> are Icop choices, other routers may differ in terminology but the concept
> is the same.

Nortel Newtorks <---> IPCop box < --- > LinksKey 10/100 switch
Debian, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and a shall-not-be-spoken system AOK

May reinstall IPCop to correct our MTU.
'been on so long we don't know where the IPCop password is :-(
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