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From: Damien Hull <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 11:09:30 AKDT

I have good news. People want Linux. Well, sort of.

I setup an Internet Cafe with Ubuntu, LTSP and several blazing fast
Pentium II thin clients. Well, there blazing fast once you get some
penguin power in them. I also rented a 42" wide screen TV and connected
my Ubuntu workstation to it. People loved the 3d desktop. They also
loved the Wii remote. I candy doesn't get work done but it's cool
looking. It also brings in the people. They loved it.

I think this is the 3rd year I've had a booth at the Expo. The first one
was depressing. Most people hadn't even herd of Linux. Last year's Expo
was better. People had herd of it and a few were even using it. This
year there were several people that were using it. I even had one guy
type "uname -a" on the big screen. Those *nix people are out there.

Does this mean that Anchorage is moving to Linux. I don't think so. Most
of the people I talked to were home users. Some were looking at Linux
for business but I don't see them switching any time soon. However, I
did here something that could change that.

Vista sucks! That's the word I got from a few people. Some would Like to
switch to Linux while others are not sure. All they could really say is
that they didn't want Vista.

One guy said he got a fancy laptop for about $3,000 and had trouble
running Vista. Had to add more RAM. I'm not sure if the extra RAM was
included in the $3,000 price tag. Either way that's a lot of money.

It looks like Linux is moving up in the world. I think it's a
combination of things. Linux is now easy to use. Well, much easer then
it was even a year ago. The other factor is the competition. It sucks!
That's what the people are saying.

Go Tux!

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