[aklug] femtocell

From: Marc Grober <marc@interak.com>
Date: Mon Oct 26 2009 - 10:15:21 AKDT

Out of curiosity I did some poorly controlled bandwidth tests using a number of
the bandwidth testing apps online. On my iphone (which can nominally do 7.5M as
they have HSDPA) I am getting a best average performance of about 350 kbps
downstream (.35M), though it will drop to under 100K from time to time and
spike as high as 500. The nominal 3G spec I believe is 3.5M (10 times my actual
throughput) with AT&T claiming it will have doubled that rate during 2009 with
20M speeds to come in 2010...... My current DSL service, rated at 1.3M/.4M
averages 1M/.2M
There has been some confusion over whether AT&T is capping bandwidth (as O2 was
seen to do) and if so for what purpose - it was suggested in some reports that
1.5M was the observable typical download speed for an iphone while other reports
suggested that AT&T was capping bandwidth to extend the live of iPhone batteries
(gee, if that's an option shouldn't I be able to toggle it?)

So, if AT&T can move customers to femtocell providing 7.5M speeds while the
iphone is connected to femtocell they have created quite an incentive for
customers, otherwise uninterested, to purchase femtocell, especially, say small
businesses...... And of course the pricing scheme encourages users to move to
AT&T...... Not to say that AT&T would screw its iPhone customers ......
they're just saving your battery life ;=}

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