[aklug] Re: femtocell

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@acsalaska.net>
Date: Mon Oct 26 2009 - 18:12:47 AKDT

On Monday 26 October 2009 10:15:21 Marc Grober wrote:
> Out of curiosity I did some poorly controlled bandwidth tests using a
> number of the bandwidth testing apps online. On my iphone (which can
> nominally do 7.5M as they have HSDPA) I am getting a best average
> performance of about 350 kbps downstream (.35M), though it will drop to
> under 100K from time to time and spike as high as 500. The nominal 3G spec
> I believe is 3.5M (10 times my actual throughput) with AT&T claiming it
> will have doubled that rate during 2009 with 20M speeds to come in
> 2010...... My current DSL service, rated at 1.3M/.4M averages 1M/.2M
> There has been some confusion over whether AT&T is capping bandwidth (as O2
> was seen to do) and if so for what purpose - it was suggested in some
> reports that 1.5M was the observable typical download speed for an iphone
> while other reports suggested that AT&T was capping bandwidth to extend the
> live of iPhone batteries (gee, if that's an option shouldn't I be able to
> toggle it?)
> So, if AT&T can move customers to femtocell providing 7.5M speeds while the
> iphone is connected to femtocell they have created quite an incentive for
> customers, otherwise uninterested, to purchase femtocell, especially, say
> small businesses...... And of course the pricing scheme encourages users
> to move to AT&T...... Not to say that AT&T would screw its iPhone
> customers ...... they're just saving your battery life ;=}

Yah but :-) Who knows why we can not get decent bandwidth, Alaska rates even
lower on than the US averages.

Greg Madden
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