[aklug] Re: Google Wave

From: barsalou <barjunk@attglobal.net>
Date: Fri Oct 30 2009 - 14:01:53 AKDT

Quoting Damien Hull <damien@linuxninjas.tv>:

> Found the code and instructions for setting up a wave server. I have
> no idea how wave works or what I'm gonna us it for but I want my
> own wave server. It has everything but the web interface. I'm
> looking for GUI clients. None of them are as nice as Google's web
> interface.


Care to share the links for the code and instructions?

Also, Wave will be usefull when folks are collaborating....so in the
strictest sense, I agree, that it won't completely replace
e-mail...but you'll see a big reduction as folks start to use it.

So far it has worked as I'd expect it to. Anyone that has access and
wants to start a wave with me, my account is mbarsalou09.

I'd like to possibly participate on a Friday Night sometime, since I
can't always get out there.

Mike B.

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