[aklug] Putting Linux on a resume for an entry level job

From: Tim Gibney <timgibney76@gmail.com>
Date: Tue May 10 2011 - 10:33:08 AKDT

Professionally, I have supported mostly Microsoft based desktops and
servers. I moved out of Alaska this past month and discovered many small
I.T. shops where I live want Linux experience as they use PcLinuxOS because
it has support as Windows Server is expensive and error prone. My experience
with Linux is mostly at home as a hobbiest OS to learn PHP, Java, and use
the free gcc tools to learn C++ over the years. I have been using Linux for
10 years and have learned how the system works, how to compile programs,
My question is, how do I put this on my resume? I do not even have it on
there as I figured this would be mostly useful to the bearded Unix admins. I
need to show I know how to setup a Linux OS to replace a Windows Server
installation. Is there a way to do this while being honest with my lack of
using it professional at work?


Tim Gibney

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