[aklug] My dream editor...?

From: Christopher Howard <christopher.howard@frigidcode.com>
Date: Thu May 19 2011 - 19:37:15 AKDT

I think I may have found my dream replacement for Emacs. It's an editor
written in Haskell, called Yi:


I just jumped into it, but from what I understand the program itself is
a compiled Haskell "kernel" that in turn compiles all the extensions
that make up the editor functionality. Out of the box it comes with
extensions that emulate a number of editors such as Vim, Vi, and Emacs,
and vty, gtk, and Cocoa front ends available for it.

The coolest part (from my perspective) is that, as Wikipedia puts it,
"using Haskell as a first-class extension language means that other
libraries and tools written in Haskell are also readily usable in editor
code." So I'll be able to load in my nifty Haskell modules. I just got
it compiled today, but I tried it out for a few minutes under Emacs
emulation. The common key bindings seemed to work fine, and I was able
to run a few functions using M-x.

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