[aklug] Re: OT: Re: I need a copy of Windows XP Home

From: Tim Johnson <tim@akwebsoft.com>
Date: Mon May 23 2011 - 09:38:39 AKDT

* Piet van Weel <pmvw@outwardfocus.net> [110523 08:17]:
> Tim, Bruce...
> Need to be careful here.
> Which version of XP Home does the Key say?
> I've ran into issues where the keys for a regular Win XP didn't work on
> an SP2 or an SP3 CD. So is the key for XP Home with no service pack
> or with one?
 Piet, thanks for the heads up.
 I don't know, I'm a windows dunce. I got it from my daughter and I
 know that she got it about 2 years ago (2009).
 I'm going to research it some, or maybe someone will have a better
 idea based on what is said here.
 thanks again.
> On 5/23/11 8:03 AM, Bruce Hill wrote:
> >
> > I'm so far away (MS) it's not feasible to get a CD to you, but if for some
> > strange reason no one there comes up with one, I could give you d/l access
> > to an ISO image of Windows XP Home w/SP2.
 Bruce thanks for the offer.
 Stay tuned :).

tim at johnsons-web dot com or akwebsoft dot com
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