[aklug] Re: sanity check needed on .deb package

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@gci.net>
Date: Wed Apr 04 2012 - 19:55:21 AKDT

On Wednesday 04 April 2012 6:23:07 pm Christopher Howard wrote:
> Hey guys, I've been learning to create deb packages. Is there a brave
> Debian (Ubuntu...?) user who would be willing to test one for me? I
> created one for that puzzle game I wrote a few weeks ago. The deb is
> available here:
> https://frigidcode.com/code/gfifteen/gfifteen_0.9.6-1_amd64.deb
> A few admissions, though:
> * 64 bit only (sorry!)
> * dependencies are only available in Debian testing (Wheezy)
> * I haven't got around to proper desktop integration yet, so you will
> probably still need to start it from the command line. Also, there is
> (HORROR OF HORRORS!) no manual page yet.
> It worked in my virtual machine, but I'd still appreciate a report
> from someone that it worked on his box.

Cool little time waster :-)

Installs and works perfecly on a
wheezy XFCE/KDE4 minimal, box. No added depends, recommends etc.

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