[aklug] Re: Mobile resommendations.

From: Piet van Weel <pmvw@outwardfocus.net>
Date: Wed Apr 25 2012 - 05:58:59 AKDT

Yes, this topic is a little off topic, but its one that we all deal with
While it is easy to say this carrier or that carrier is better...
... you need to ask yourself some basic questions first.

#1. What are my calling habits?
- Do you only call Anchorage Metro?
- Do you only call Alaska?
- Do you call Nationwide?
- Do you call International?

#2. What are my roaming habits?
- Do you often travel between Anchorage-Fairbanks-Juneau?
- Do you often travel to small villages in Alaska?
- Do you often travel to the lower 48?
- Do you often travel internationally?

Once those questions are answered a better answer to your question can be

Piet van Weel

On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 10:15 PM, scott <scott@ravenmoonart.com> wrote:

> After a long and unpleasant period with my current carrier I am looking =
> to switch.
> While a little off topic I trust this group to have some solid insight =
> into tech so I value your opinion.
> Currently I am with ATT, but they are threatening to double my rates =
> next billing cycle.
> I live in Eagle River so MTA is an option.
> What do you recommend as far as phones and carriers?
> Scott
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