Re: Minifridge

From: Jay Estabrook <>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2010 - 14:48:27 AKDT

Couple of things to check when you can manage to get back to the SRM

1. set auto_action to HALT, then it won't try to reboot each power cycle.
2. if you have to reset console to graphics, try replacing the 3.3v button
    battery, as the console setting is in memory that is backed by it, and
   when that goes dead, the setting won't "stick".

Good luck.

Jay wrote:
> Well, it's $50... So I'd enjoy being fairly sure before I grabbed it.
> Yeah, reboots are a pain on this one... Every couple times I reboot I have to pull all the disks, and hit ctrl-c at exactly the right time to get SRM again. And set console graphics again. This is getting really annoying. I wish I knew why it kept doing that.

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