FerretSoft Special offer for NUI members

Davis, Dean (DeanD@fishgame.state.ak.us)
16 Mar 98 13:14:00 KST

FerretSoft - developers of WebFerret and the full NetFerret suite. A PRO
version of the suite that will sell on the street for $49.99 US, is being
offered to NUI members and NUI groups for $29.95. This URL
http://www.netsales.net/ pk.wcgi/powerferret/home is for NUI Members only
to purchase the Power Users Pack for $29.95. For information on the
products visit http:/ /www.ferretsoft.com but NUI Members MUST use the
web in order to get the special price. This is a hidden URL and should
only be given out to NUI members.

Power Pack - $29.95 includes the following files: WebFerret - The fastest
way to find any information on the World Wide Web. Using World Wide Web
based Search Engines, Web-Ferret will find web pages relating to your
subject request. Changes and new search engines are added to the
application as they become available.

EmailFerret -The fastest way to find anyone's email address on the
Internet. EmailFerret quickly and efficiently locates the email addresses
of people , companies or machines; using multiple, publicly accessible

FileFerret - The fastest way to find Files on the Internet. Using the
Archie protocol combined with the most popular Web-based file databases
FileFerret is the easiest way to locate the files you want. It is also a
functional FTP client which allows immediate downloading.

IRCFerret - The fastest way to find people on the Internet Relay Chat
networks. Use the IRCprotocol to locate anyone, any channel or any topic
on the world's IRC networks.

NewsFerret - The fastest way to find and retrieve Usenet news articles.
Searches multiple newsgroups to locate and download the Usenet articles
that you are looking for on the Internet. It is also a functional news
reading client.

PhoneFerret -The fastest way to locate phone numbers on the Internet.
Find the telephone numbers of people in the USA by simply entering a
name. Once the results have been returned, use the Dialer software (if
installed) to automatically dial a number.

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