Interlibrary Loan Status Definitions

Awaiting Copyright Clearance:
Your item is awaiting processing, pending copyright clearance.
Awaiting Conditional Processing:
Lenders are requesting additional information from our Office.
Awaiting Customer Contact:
Your item has arrived. You will receive an email with details soon.
Awaiting Extensive Searching:
This item could not be routinely found and will take more time to research.
Awaiting Odyssey Processing:
Your article has been received and will soon be posted to your ILL account.
Awaiting Post Receipt Processing:
We have received your item in our office and it will be ready soon.
Awaiting Renewal Request Processing:
The owning library has responded to our renewal request.
Awaiting Request Processing:
Your request has been successfully submitted and in line to be processed.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing:
This material is still being searched for, and will change in status soon.
Customer Notified Via E-Mail:
Your item has arrived and is available. Check your e-mail for particulars.
*Checked Out to Customer:
This item is checked out to your ILL account and the due date should match your circulation record.
*Cancelled by ILL Staff:
Please see email for details on this cancellation.
*Delivered to Web:
Your item has been posted to your ILL online account under “Posted Documents.”
Important Notice:
Please Read!We have some important information for you about this request.
Loans Recalled from Patrons:
The owning Library has either denied our renewal request or recalled this item.
Overdue No Renewal:
This item is more than two weeks overdue and no longer renewable.
*Request Finished:
This item has been returned, delivered or the request otherwise completed.
*Request Sent:
The ILL office has processed your request and sent it out to potential lenders.
Request Unclaimed:
This item has been available on the hold shelf for you for several weeks and is about to be sent back, please contact us immediately.