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Title: Arctic Resiliency and Diversity: Community Response to Change fp

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Like the July 2005 submission this is a living document which evolves as partnerships and resources are negotiated. Health related mega-projects in the Arctic have so far highlighted diseases and illnesses separating the aspirations and the accomplishments of Arctic peoples. This programme is framed by Arctic peoples’ resiliency, where partnerships are fostered which highlights the strength and aspiration of Arctic residents. Over the last few decades many Canadian Arctic peoples have negotiated land claims and set up governance and structures to protect and enhance their knowledge, languages. This will cover the first theme of the three proposed for this project; namely the Dynamics of Governance and Local Authority. This includes issues such as self-determination, governance, economic change and community dynamics.

Secondly, within this model specific health concerns will be addressed including diabetes, heart disease, HIV, cancer, mental health, injuries. In addition factors that contribute to health including genuine progress indicators, water, environmental health, ownership of health, addictions, lifestyle, technology impacts and cumulative effects will be explored. The second theme of this project, then covers Northern Health Indicators, which addresses issues such as unintentional/intentional injuries, mental health lifestyle (addictions), and genuine progress indicators.

This programme is also framed by having to understand the Arctic peoples’ health through diversity by brining in issues from the point of view gender, and youth. This will aid in animating the cultural and individual contributions. An overarching community driven, Arctic lead, health and wellness research network is proposed that facilitates and participates in health research activities during the IPY within a model in which the resiliency and diversity of Arctic peoples is highlighted to answer questions that will create healthy environments and improve the health of persons in the circumpolar Arctic

This Canadian led Network would link territories, countries, communities, researchers, research and data management and that would serve as an international Canadian led legacy for IPY. It will also ensure best practices for community based health and wellness research throughout the IPY. As well as create a legacy for health research in Circumpolar Health Research across the Circumpolar North.

The above will be done through the creation of a network which allows for communication and integration of knowledge from various sources including medical science, traditional knowledge, social sciences, environmental sciences, biological, sociological historical – to mention few. And these will allow the third theme Northern Populations in Transition to emerge where topics like environmental change, technology and traditional foods and medicines come to play a role in understanding Arctic health in broadest sense.


Lead Contact
Mrs Karla Jessen Williamson
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
170 Laurier Ave W, Suite 518
K1P 5V5
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Second Contact
Mr Duane Smith
Inuit Circumpolar Conference (Canada)
170 Laurier Ave W
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ID number: FP 183
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