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Title: Engaging communities in the monitoring of zoonoses, country food safety and wildlife health fp - Progress update (pdf)

Summary of Activity

The food-borne parasites Trichinella nativa, Toxoplasma gondii, and Anisakis simplex are significant Arctic human zoonoses; endemic to some regions and directly related to the consumption of country foods. Many Northerners remain reliant on wildlife as a source of food, financial income and cultural identity and are demanding programs which will provide greater security in the safety of country foods and programs that ensure the long-term sustainability of wildlife populations. Changing climatic conditions are predicted to alter wildlife habitat, facilitate the northward migration of wildlife diseases and parasites, and alter contaminant cycling and fate; all of which have the potential to detrimentally affect the health and long term sustainability of wildlife populations and ultimately the source and safety of country foods (ACIA 2004; Boonstra 2004; Derocher et al. 2003; Harvell et al., 2002; Hoberg et al., 2002; Kutz et al. 2004; Lie et al. 2004 & 2005). Adequate baseline data (benchmarks) regarding the current health conditions of wildlife (including zoonotic pathogens) is therefore urgently needed for the assessment and prediction of wildlife health impacts resulting from the cumulative impacts of multiple stressors associated with climate change and exposure to anthropogenic contaminants.

Issues regarding potential impacts to Arctic wildlife health and the safety of country foods are complex and will require an integrated approach from a wide range of scientific and social disciplines. The work outlined in this proposal will integrate well in a supportive manner with other IPY proposals (710, 742, 364, 261- Canadian #, and 231) focussed on wildlife health and social aspects.


Lead Contact
Ms Manon Simard
Makivik Corporation
P.O. Box 179 Kuujjuaq, Qc
J0M 1C0
Tel:          (819)-964-2925 ext 259
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Fax:         (819)-964-2230

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Dr Lone Møller
The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Centre for Experimental Parasitology, Dyrlaegevej 100, Frederiksberg C
Tel:          +45 3528 2785
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Fax:         +45 3528 2774

ID number: FP 186
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