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Title: Telemedicine Cooperation Project fp

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Summary of Activity

The Northern Forum is cooperating with the Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network (AFHCAN) to implement a strategic and innovative solution to address health care needs of two regions in the Arctic. Together the NF and AFHCAN are facilitating cooperation in telemedicine technology expertise between Alaska, the Republic of Sakha and Khanty-Mansiisk region in Russia. The goal of the project is to promote the establishment of a mutually beneficial collaboration in telemedicine, telehealth, mobile medicine and distance learning in remote areas of the Russian north.

This pilot project has 3 phases, of which Phases I and II were successfully completed in 2004. The 3 phases are:

Phase I.  Initial project team meeting and review of telemedicine opportunities in the North. Attendance at the International Telehealth Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, (March 2004);
Phase II. Visit by Alaska telemedicine and communication specialists to rural/remote villages in Khanty-Mansiysk and Sakha Republic, Russia, to identify potential for transfer of Alaskan technology (September 2004);
Phase III. Workshop with project participants: review and assess project implementation in the regions.

It is anticipated that continued exchange of expertise and technical support in telemedicine shall provide new tools for successful operation of telehealth system in the regions. It is vital that the regions continue sharing gained lessons and experience from operating the equipment. The group shall continue exchanging information regarding new tools and equipment that become available in the market over time. In the two regions telemedicine technology is creating access to sustained health care services in a number of rural communities. Over time telehealth will accelerate the sustainability of healthy communities, and increase the affordability of healthcare services in low-resource settings. It is anticipated that the two pilot regions - Sakha and Khanty-Mansiisk will serve as a model for replication in other regions of Russia. The planned workshop for Phase III will demonstrate regions’ accomplishments to date.

This project is a critical component of an overarching program to promote healthy lifestyles in the circumpolar Arctic. Climate change, globalization, natural resource extraction and other pressures result in changes to lifestyle and health of Arctic residents. Comprehensive steps must be take to transfer technology, train specialists in new techniques, and cooperate with all levels of partners to healthy lifestyles in the north.


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Dr. Priscilla Wohl
The Northern Forum
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