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Title: Genetics and Environmental Risk Factors for Complex Diseases: The Northern Sweden Population Health Study (NSPHS) eoi - Progress update (pdf)

Summary of Activity

This project is a component of the International IPY Artic Human Health Initiative (AHHI) (Activity ID 167). As part of the IPY activity we will a) be able to establish research networks with other groups conducting similar projects in other Artic populations, b) compare the environmental and genetic risk profiles between different Arctic populations by sharing data and performing comparative analyses to identify health problems that are common to Arctic populations, c) share our experiences regarding the organization of such projects, the development of common strategies for communication of results to individual participants and the local community, and finally, finding optimal means for implementation of medical health recommendations. In this way we will contribute to the establishment of similar medial health projects in other Artic populations.

The basis for this is our project on the identification of environmental and genetic risk factors for common diseases in Swedish Sami. Population-based health surveys are conduced in cohorts from Västerbotten and Norrbotten and include medical information, medical history and detailed diet and lifestyle information. Genetic profiling of genes identified as risk factors in other populations is also performed. The populations have been chosen on the basis of genealogical information and the dietary exposures in terms of diet (high meat intake) and lifestyle (reindeer herding versus other occupations). Comparisons will be made with other European populations.


Dr. Ulf Gyllensten
Department of Genetics and Pathology
Rudbeck Laboratory
Uppsala University
S-751 85 Uppsala
Tel: 46-708-993413

ID number: EOI 1274
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