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Title: Health and social condition of adoptees in Greenland - a comparative register and population based field study. Creation of an “adoptees-database” eoi - Progress update (pdf)

Published paper:
Psychiatric status among stepchildren and domestic and international adoptees in Denmark.
A comparative nationwide register-based study

Merete Laubjerg, Anne Maj Christensen & Birgit Petersson
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2009; 0: 1–9

Summary of Activity

History proves that laws and regulations only can be efficiently implemented and self sufficiency become sustainable, when development issues are designed in a coherent society constructed upon its own culture. The all over strategy of the research is a Greenlandic ownership, where students' and local populations' participation are a 'sine quoi none' condition. Greenland has a huge amount of adoptees and the number of children placed at institution is large. We will explore how adoption and collective care have an impact on well being, family health and social condition. Considering that adoption is closely linked to social organization, identity, cultural openness and collective consciousness, in what kind of settings is adoption linked to child neglect and lack of care? We will explore the underlying reasons and pay attention to parents' and care givers' control and coping strategies.


Merete Laubjerg
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