AHHI Proposal
Submission Criteria

Fulfillment of IPY project criteria is required, including an international partnership of at least one other collaborator in a circumpolar country.

  1. Research Projects that build on existing Arctic Council human health activities
  2. Research Projects that expand existing (or propose new) human health surveillance, monitoring and research networks.
  3. Research Projects that use surveys to characterize health status, assess health risks, and determine culturally appropriate interventions.
  4. Research projects that include studies of the human health impact of:
    • anthropogenic pollution in the Arctic
    • Contaminants and zoonotic infectious diseases, effects on the food supply
    • Climate variability
    • Oil and Gas development
    • Infectious diseases, Tb, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, vaccine preventable, emerging threats
    • Chronic diseases, cancer, CVD, obesity, diabetes
    • Behavioral health, suicide, unintentional injuries
  5. Projects in the area of education outreach and communication

Research projects that result in eventual translation into health policy and implementation of community/public health interventions are particularly encouraged.


How does a Coordination Proposal differ from and IPY Expression of Interest?

Coordination Proposals integrates the activities of several to many researchers around a shared scientific theme. An Expression of Interest (EoI) describes the intended activities of a single investigator or team focused on a specific activity. Several EoI’s with similar themes have been grouped under a single Coordination Proposal.

My national funding agency requires an IPY endorsement. Do I need to submit a coordination proposal?

If you have submitted an EoI, consider connecting to an existing endorsed Coordination Proposal, by emailing the proposal coordinator. If you have not submitted an EoI you are encouraged to do so, and consider linking with an appropriate Coordination Proposal.

My human health project fits the AHHI criteria, how do I obtain an IPY endorsement?

Contact Alan J. Parkinson,, or Neil Murphy,, with a request that includes a summary of the proposed project using the IPY EoI format. The EoI should be submitted to the IPY international program office using their online format.

Expression of Intent document download (159 KB, word icon Word doc)

IPY Expression of Intent documents webpage


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