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OTTO SCHALLERER. (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Photographs; 1929. .4 cu. ft.

Otto Schallerer was a photographer who operated a photography business, Schallerer's Photo, in Seward, Alaska. In 1929, he met Delbert Smith of Nepanee, Ontario, who was visiting Seward that summer. That year, he sent Smith a number of photographs of Alaska.

This collection consists of photographic prints (seven 12 X 20 inch hand-colored; thirteen 8 X 10 inch hand-colored; and one 8 X 10 inch sepia) sent by Schallerer to Smith. Most of the prints are hand colored scenic views of mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, waterfalls, and roads. In addition, there is a picture of a collection of hunting trophies and a copy of the All-Alaska Review for 1929, a publication of the Cordova Daily Times.

This collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society in 1992 by Gordon Smith and Mary Ann Currie. It was deposited in the archives in 1993.


Item list:

Series 1. Hand-colored prints (12 X 20 inch); n.d. 7 items.
Note: the subject is identified on the back.

1. "Mt. Drum & Willow Lake."
2. "Wrangell Volcano & Willow Lake...."
3. "Mt. Sanford & Willow Lake...."
4. "[Mt.] Blackburn & Willow Lake...."
5. "Columbia Bay, the Glacier is to the right going in."
6. "Rainbow Mt...."
7. "This is the Yukon taken from Circle."

Series 2. Hand-colored prints (8 X 10 inch); n.d. 14 items.
Note: the subject is identified on the back and/or by a caption on the front.

1. "Keystone Canyon...."
2. "Along the Government R.R. on the way to Fairbanks." Caption: "Bartlett Glacier Mile 49 Alaska Ry."
3. "Good view of the road near Tonsina Roadhouse ...."
4. "Snow slide Gulch from Thompson pass...."
5. "Sugar Loaf Mt. looking across Valdez Bay from the Dock...."
6. "Worthington Glacier near Thompson pass...."
7. "Horsetail Falls 14 miles out of Valdez."
8. "Keystone Canyon ...."
9. "Tsaina River, El. 2050. - 31 miles out of Valdez."
10. Caption: "The Prospector" (portrait).
11. "Northern Lights."
12. "This is Nellies Collection" (sepia photo of collection of hunting trophies - animal rugs and mounted heads).
13. "Bridal Veil Falls about 14 1/2 miles out of Valdez...."
14. "I took this on June 21 near Fairbanks." Caption: "In the Land of the Midnight Sun."

Series 3. Newspaper: Cordova Daily Times: All-Alaska Review For 1929. Vol. 15, No. 311; Dec. 7, 1929.