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ARMED FORCES RADIO IN SITKA AND KODIAK. ORAL HISTORY PROJECT. Transcripts; 1981-1984. hmc-0062. .25 cu. ft.

The Armed Forces Radio in Sitka and Kodiak Oral History Project was begun in 1981. Its purpose was to document the history of the Sitka and Kodiak armed forces radio stations in order to add to the understanding of the relationship between the military and Alaska during the World War II period. The majority of the work on the project was done by Suzi McClear. The work consisted of conducting oral history interviews with people who had worked in the armed forces radio stations at Kodiak and particularly at Sitka. The project also involved transcribing tapes of interviews done earlier by soldiers stationed at Sitka, transcribing tapes of original armed forces radio broadcasts from Sitka, and gathering and correlating materials from the Federal Communications Commission and the Air Force Arctic Broadcasting Squadron at Elmendorf Air Force Base. The project was funded by the Sitka Historical Society, and the Alaska History Commission.

The collection consists of transcripts of oral history interviews with people who were involved in the Armed Forces Radio stations at Sitka and Kodiak.

The collection was deposited in the UAA Archives & Manuscripts Department by Suzi McClear in 1984.


1. Alaska History Commssion Grant Proposal.

2. Kodiak Interview: Adams, Bill (interview).

3. Kodiak Interview: Adams, Bill (monologue).

4. Kodiak Interview: Craft, Roy.

5. Sitka Interview: Bright, (Shorty), Murland.

6. Sitka Interview: Brightman, (Jim) James.

7. Sitka Interview: Cole, Theron.

8. Sitka Interview: Easterly, Jack.

9. Sitka Interview: Gilliam, Charles.

10. Sitka Interview: Green, (Dowie), Charles D.

11. Sitka Interview: Greene, Ervin.

12. Sitka Interview: Greer, Earle.

13. Sitka Interview: Horsley, Robert.

14. Sitka Interview: McManus, Al.

15. Sitka Interview: Peterson, Lois.

16. Sitka Interview: Temefonte, Vince.

17. Sitka interview: Wiethuchter, Fred.

18. Sitka Interview: Wood, Boyd.

19. Sitka Interview: Yaw, Lester.