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MYRTLE ASHBY. Scrapbook; 1899-1950. .1 cu. ft.

Myrtle Ashby was a relative of Oscar (Olly) W. Ashby of Tacoma, Washington. Olly Ashby came to Alaska in the early 1880's to work with Richard Harris on his claims. He was associated with Alaska in various ways including mining on the Steward River, Dawson, and the Nome area. He married Mary Minter in 1894. Olly Ashby died in 1949.

This copied scrapbook was compiled by Myrtle Ashby of Tacoma, Washington. It contains poetry, copied songs and poems, newspaper clippings, and funeral cards. Among the various items are several articles concerning Oscar Ashby's activities in Alaska, his fiftieth wedding anniversary, and his funeral. There are also two articles on the death of Richard T. Harris.

This collection was loaned to the Archives for copying by Myrtle Ashby through the courtesy of Mr. Fred W. Harris in 1980.