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COMMUNITY COLLEGE COALITION OF ALASKA. Records; 1986-1988. 2 cu. ft.

The coalition was formed in 1986 in response to the decision of the president of the University of Alaska to eliminate the state's community college system because of budgetary constraints. The purpose of the coalition was to promote community colleges throughout the state. The organization rallied public support, developed a plan to preserve the community colleges, lobbied with the legislature and the governor, and launched a successful petition campaign to put the issue on the ballot. The coalition ceased operation when the results of the referendum supported the action of the administration of the university.

This collection consists of the operation records of the coalition. Included are organization files, minutes, subject files, treasurer's records, and other papers.

Presented to the archives by Chancy Croft in 1990.

Box and Folder List:


Series 1. Administration and Operation Records; 1986-1987. .5 cu. ft.
This series contains the constitution, bylaws, minutes, membership lists, newsletter and other records relating to the administration and operation of CCCA, Inc. Included are papers relating to lobbing, an initiative, law suit, and the CCCA "Plan to Preserve and Strengthen Community Colleges".

Series 2. Subject Files; 1986-1988. .5 cu. ft.
This series contains papers relating legislative bills and resolutions, the budget, lobbying education, the economy, lawsuits, and on the impact of restructuring on students. Includes a video tape of Gov. Cowper's State of the State and Budget Address.

Series 3. Treasurers Records; 1986-1988. .4 cu. ft.
This series contains record maintained by the treasurer of CCCA. Included are memoranda, check records, bank and other statements, bills, receipts, and cash journals. These files document the operation of the organization and include information on the initiative drive and the university budget.

Series 4. Miscellaneous Materials; 1981-1988. .25 cu. ft.
This series contains samples of stationery and buttons as well as a small reference file.



Box 1

Series 1. Administration and Operation; 1986-1987.
Organization Notebook (binder); 1986-1987.
  a. Board: Contains board membership list, correspondence, agenda.
  b. Authority: Contains clipping, press release, law suite brief (Community College Coalition of Alaska vs. University of Alaska Anchorage, et al), initiative, certificate of incorporation, a copy of the CCCA "Plan to Preserve and Strengthen Community Colleges", and correspondence.
  c. Bylaws: Contains sections on leadership, memberships, purpose advisory groups,financial support; the community college plan, sections from the Alaska statutes on lobbying and campaign disclosure.
2. Organization Papers; 1986-1988.
Contains chronology for 1986, correspondence, clippings, oath of office, minutes, fact-sheets, press releases, speech (D. Gavac), memoranda, report of the Committee on University Restructuring, Educational Values, and the Student (CURES).
3. Meeting Minutes IV Quarter 1986; 1986-1987.
Contains chronology for 1986, documents for December 1986 and January 1987, a copy of the CCCA "Plan to Preserve and Strengthen Community Colleges," and minutes of the organizational meeting of the executive committee.
4. Meeting Minutes I Quarter 1987; 1987.
Contains executive committee minutes for January-March, 1987, and special reports.
5. Meeting Minutes II Quarter 1987; 1987.
Contains executive committee minutes for April-May 1987, minutes of the Statewide Board, and clippings.
6. Meeting Minutes III Quarter 1987; 1987.
Contains CCCA meeting minutes for July and August, 1987.
7. Meeting Minutes; 1988.
Contains minutes for the CCCA meeting of January 14, 1988.
8. "Plan to Preserve and Strengthen Community Colleges" (copy 1), empty folder, see folder 1.
9. "Plan to Preserve and Strengthen Community Colleges" (copy 2); 1986-1987.
10. "Plan to Preserve and Strengthen Community Colleges" (copy 3); 1986-1987.
11. Public Relations Binder; 1986-1987.
  a. Ads and Resolutions: Contains communications and resolutions in support of community college in Alaska.
  b. Press Releases: Contains press releases, Anchorage Community College Federation of Teachers (ACCFT) letters to the editor, letters, and clippings.
  c. CCCA Newsletters: Contains newsletters (1986-1987), clippings, and memoranda.
  d. Position Papers: Contains correspondence, clippings, and position papers.

Series 2. Subject Files; 1986-1988.
Legislature (binder); 1987.
  a. (No Title): Contains lists of senate and house members (1987), copies of SJR1 and SB60, and memoranda.
  b. Governor: Contains papers relating to the governor's budget and SB60.
  c. Senate: Contains letters from Senator Jan Faiks, testimony by Dr. Gavac, copies of SJR1 and SB12, and sample letters to legislators.
  d. House: Contains bill establishing the Alaska Community College System (CSHB107), and letters.
  e. Budget: Contains various papers relating to the budget and to budget tracking.
2. House; 1987.
Contains CS for HB107 (3 copies), copies of HR102, clippings, sample letters #2, a copy of a transcript (?) of a House Finance Sub-Committee hearing on University of Alaska restructuring, and other papers.
3. Senate; 1976, 1986-1987.
Contains copies of SB60 and fiscal notes for SB60, copies of SB65B (1976), copies of sample letter #2, clippings, an official state election pamphlet for 1986, and letters.
4. Governor; 1986-1987.
Contains a VHS video tape of Governor Cowper's State of the State and Budget address in January 1987, and clippings.
5. University of Alaska; n.d., 1986-1987.
Contains a copy of a 1969 agreement between the University of Alaska and the Anchorage School District, clippings, correspondence, University of Alaska staff letters, memoranda, and testimony (1986).
6. University of Alaska; 1986-1987.
Contains draft budget summaries for FY 87 and FY 88.
7. Anchorage Assembly; n.d., 1987.
Contains resolutions, agendas, Dr. Gavac's remarks, and clippings.
8. Resolutions; 1986-1987.
Contains letters and resolutions for community colleges.
9. Accent; 1986-1988.
Contains copies of Vol. 5, Nos. 8, 9, 12-14; and Vol. 6, No. 11.
10. Alaska Education; 1979, 1985-1987.
Contains Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools evaluation report on Anchorage Community College (April 1979), and clippings.
11. Alaska Economy; 1979, 1986-1987.
Contains copy of the University of Alaska and Anchorage School District agreement (1979), and clippings.
12. Law Suit; 1987-1988.
Contains briefs for CCCA v. University of Alaska, Ketchikan Gateway Borough v. University of Alaska, and a copy of the Superior Court discussion in University of Alaska v. S. A. McAlpine, Lt. Governor.
13. Student (binder); 1986-1987.
Contains correspondence, clippings, testimony, University of Alaska Board or Regents proposals and recommendations, and correspondence with the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.
14. Voc-Tech; 1987.
Contains a copy of a publication by the General Council on Vocational and Career Education, and a clipping and a news release on the impact of restructuring on women's programs.

Box 2

Series 3. Treasurer's Records; 1986-1988.
Papers; n.d., 1986-1987.
Contains memoranda, minutes and reports relative to fundraising, the treasurer, and the initiative; and fliers and clippings.
2. Treasurer's Records (binders)-Expenses Only; 1986-1987.
Contains memoranda, check records, bills and deposits.
3. Bank Reports, Memoranda, and Miscellaneous (binder); 1986-1987.
Contains memoranda bank statements, lists of contributors, correspondence, canceled checks, and reports.
4. Bank Accounts and Records; 1987.
Contains 1987 income and expense statement and initiative drive funding budget information.
5. Bank Statements; 1987-1988.
6. Cash Journals; 1987.
7. Receipt Books; 1986-1987.
Contains two books: the first covers December 30, 1986-December 10, 1987; the second is unused.
8. Miscellaneous Receipts; 1987-1988.
9. Check Books; n.d.
Contains four unused check books for checks #201-300.
10. Telephone List of Petition Sponsors and Instructions to Sponsors; 1987.
Contains the above items and clippings.
11. University of Alaska Budget Summary; April 10, 1987.
12. CCCA-organization bank stamp; n.d.

Series 4. Miscellaneous Materials; 1981-1988.
Stationery; n.d., (ca. 1986-1988).
Contains four types of envelopes and two types of letterhead papers.
2. Buttons; n.d., (ca. 1987).
Contains seven buttons 6 "Save YOUR Community Colleges" and one "I Love Community Colleges".
3. Reference Books; n.d., 1981-1987.
Contains ACC class schedules (Fall 1987), Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges Accreditation handbooks (1984) and constitution and bylaws (1981), two American Association of Colleges and Junior Colleges fliers, and a copy of Peterson's Guide to Two Year Colleges (1987).