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The GAAB Comprehensive Health Planning council was established in 1973 through GAAB Ordinance OR-73-141 to satisfy the requirements of Public Law 89-749, "Partnership for Health Act" of 1972. The mission of this agency was: to prepare a comprehensive plan for the orderly development of health facilities, services, and manpower; to minimize costly duplication of health care services and facilities; to control costs by improving efficiency and to promote preventive health care services; to foster competition to improve consumer choices in the organization, financing, and delivery of health services; to ensure that consumers have a voice in planning and decision-making; to serve as a forum for public discussion of health issues; and to carry out functions specified in federal and state legislation and in the actions of Borough government. The agency consisted of the Office of Comprehensive Health Planning and the Comprehensive Health Planning Advisory Council. It operated as a division of the Mayor's Office. The Advisory Council was composed of 33 citizens who advised the Mayor, Borough Assembly, and the federal and state governments. These individuals were appointed by the Mayor to serve three-year terms, subject to the approval of the Borough Assembly.

The collection is organized in two series. The first contains the files of Dan Meddleton. These papers include copies of various laws and documents which relate to the establishment of the Comprehensive Health Planning Council, including: budget, bylaws, committee lists, resolutions, minutes, and various other materials. Series II is the Dental Health Resource Packet of the CHAC Health Services Committee. This packet is supporting documents for a meeting held in Juneau, Alaska, February 12, 1974. It includes the meeting agenda, current programs and services, and outline of perceived problems, recommendations, objectives, and other information.

This collection was transferred to the Archives & Manuscripts Department from the Technical Services Department of the UAA Consortium Library in 1981.


Folder list:

Series 1. Dan Meddleton's Files; n.d., 1973-1974.
HR 12053 (National Health Policy and Health Development Act of 1974).
2. Public Law 93-222; February 1, 1974. (Health Maintenance Organization Act).
3. GAAB Assembly Resolution RE 73-133; September 10, 1973. An Act Designating the Anchorage Mental Health Association as the Mental Health Planning and Advisory Group for the GAAB.
4. Plan Document Outline Region X; October 4, 1973. (Alaska).
5. State of Alaska Comprehensive Health Advisory Council General Information; October,1973-January, 1974.
6. Alaska Health Sciences Information Center - Bibliography for Comprehensive Health Planning.
7. Correspondence GAAB-CHPC; November, 1973-March, 1974. (Dan Middleton).
8. Budget 1973-1974.
9. By-Laws Revised; September 7, 1972.
10. By-Laws Committee Members; n.d.
11. CHPC Ex Committee Members; n.d.
12. CHPC Finance Committee Members; n.d.
13. Health Services Committee; March 3, 1974.
14. CHPC Members; March 7, 1974.
15. Internal Assessment Committee; February 6, 1974.
16. Nominations Committee; February 6, 1974.
17. Resolution - Inclusion of H & SS in the GAAB Plan; February 6, 1974.
18. Minutes; November, 1973 - April, 1974.
19. Late Otis Hospital; 1973.
20. Ordinance 73-141 An Ordinance Establishing an Areawide Comprehensive Health Planning Agency; 1973.
21. GAAB Health Study; November, 1973.
22. Hospital Costs; 1974.

Series 2. CHAC Health Services Committee, Dental Health Resource Packet; February 12, 1974.
Agenda for February 12, 1974.
2. Goal.
3. Introduction.
4. Statement of the Problem.
5. Current Programs and Actions (Report Prepared by Dr. Ed. Miller).
6. Recommendations.
7. Objectives.
8. Appendix.