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J. B. AND C. T. O'NEILL. Papers; n.d., 1929-1947. .5 cu. ft.

J. B. and Charles T. O'Neill were merchants who operated in McCarthy, Alaska, and its vicinity. Besides being involved in merchandising, they also operated a drayage business. Their location in the mineral rich McCarthy region led to their participation in mining activities; in 1947, J. B. O'Neill purchased the Dan Creek Mining Co. Charles T. O'Neill served as U. S. Commissioner in the 1930's.

This collection consists of correspondence, mining records, and business papers. The files of correspondence (1929-1942) primarily concern business, mining, and claims. The mining papers include claim locations, assay reports, bills of sale, and other matters. The business papers are bills and receipts (1937-1941); files on liquor sales, purchases, and taxes (1934-1937); and advertisements on Coleman products.

The collection was presented to the archives by Robert Spude of the National Park Service. He received the materials from the Gagnon Family, who desired to see the materials preserved for research use.



Series I. Correspondence: C.T. O'Neill, U.S. Commissioner.
Letters and documents concerning mining loads claims; 1937-1938, one folder.

1. C.T. O'Neill, U.S. Commissioner; 1938, five items.

Series II. Correspondence: General.
Letters concerning mining, maps, supplies, shipping, lumber, placer claim purchase and ore samples; 1929-1942, three folders.

1. J.B. O'Neill, Correspondence; n.d., five items.
2. J.B. O'Neill, Correspondence; 1929-1937, fifteen items.
3. J.B. O'Neill, Correspondence; 1940-1942, fifteen items.

Series III. Mining Papers.
Documents concerning mining locations, reps, assay reports, mining contracts and purchases, bills of sale, and Yellow Band Gold Mine information; 1931-1946, nine folders.

1. Notices of locations (Eastover 1-8); 1931, 1936, twenty items.
2. Locations (Westover 1-8); 1931, 1936, nineteen items.
3. J.B., locations (Gold Queen 1-9); 1940, nine items.
4. Map of Eastover and grounds on Dan Creek, n.d. (see oversize); one item.
5. Assay Reports; n.d.: 1936-1937, 1939, 1941, fifteen items.
6. J.B. and C.T. Bills of Sale; 1936, 1938, four items.
7. Contract, (purchase of Dan Creek Placer Nines, Inc.); 1947, one item.
8. Yellow Band Gold Mines; 1935, 1939-1942, 1946, seven items.
9. Ford truck purchase; 1940, sixteen items.

Series IV. Business Records: Bills and receipts.
Records concerning groceries, supplies and shipping; 1937-1941, three folders.

1. Bills and receipts; 1937, 1939, twenty-two items.
2. Bills and receipts; 1940, seventy-nine items.
3. Bills and Receipts; 1941, four items.

Series V. Business Records: Liquor related papers.
Records and printed material concerning liquor purchases, liquor taxes, advertisements, and an agreement against a barroom license; 1934-1937, four folders.

1. Agreement not to sign Petition for Barroom License; n.d., one item.
2. Liquor bills, receipts, shipping; 1935-1937, thirty-six items.
3. Liquor tax information; 1937, one item.
4. J.B. Liquor Advertisements; n.d. 1934-1937; eight items.

Series VI. Business records: Coleman Lamp and Stove Advertisements.
Advertisements and letters concerning Coleman Lamps and Stoves; n.d.. 1935-1941, one folder.

1. Coleman Stove Advertisements; n.d., 1935-1941, thirty-one items.

Series VII. Miscellaneous.
Printed materials and notes concerning airplanes, mining, blank telegram forms and envelopes; n.d., 1937, 1941, four folders.

1. Airplane magazine; November 1937, one item.
2. Newspaper clippings; 1941, two items.
3. Blank telegraph forms and envelopes; n.d., seventeen items.
4. Miscellaneous Notes.