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PETER VOGEL. Photographs and Film; 1937-1940. 1 cu. ft.

Peter Vogel attended the University of Alaska in the 1930s and later graduated from the University of Oregon and the University of Oregon Medical School. He became interested in photography while attending the University of Alaska and working in Alaskan mining camps during the summer. In addition to being a professional psychiatrist in Oregon, he also taught photography.

This collection consists of 31 matted color photographs and one VHS copy of a black and white 16mm film. The photographs depict scenes from Dr. Vogel's travel and work in Alaska and include scenes of Ketchikan, Juneau, Fairbanks, and Circle City. Among the subjects represented are buildings, scenery, fish wheels, mining and urban settings. The photographs have been exhibited by Dr. Vogel on several occasions. The film depicts Dr. Vogel's trip to Alaska and his activities in 1937 and 1938. Included are views of Ketchikan, Juneau, and Valdez; gold mining operations at the Middle Fork Mine on the Chestichina River, and at the Edstrom Brother's Mine on Ketchum Creek near Circle Hot Springs; and scenes of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus. In addition, there is a taped narration by Dr. Vogel of the contents of the film.

The photographs were presented to the archives in 1983. The film was loaned to the archives for copying in 1988.




1. Dock at Ketchikan; 1939.
2. Inside Passage; 1939.
3. Juneau from boat; 1939.
4. Alaska Juneau Mine, Juneau; 1939.
6. Russian Orthodox Church, Juneau; 1939.
7. Juneau from trail; 1939.
10. Gold Creek, Juneau; 1939.
11. Juneau from Gold Creek; 1939.
12. Dredging small boat harbor, Juneau; 1939.
13. Ark of Juneau; 1939.
14. Mendenhall from Auke Lake, Juneau; 1939.
15. Pacific Alaska Airway between Juneau and Fairbanks; 1939.
20. Sunset, Fairbanks; 1938.
21. Fire hydrant, Fairbanks; 1939.


22. Chemical Fire Truck, Fairbanks; 1938.
23. R. R. No. 1, Fairbanks; 1938.
25. Ice Carnival, Fairbanks; 1939.
26. Cushman Street Bridge - Chena River, Fairbanks; 1939.
28. Catholic Church, Fairbanks; 1938.
30. Second Ave., Fairbanks; 1938.
32. Fish Wheel on Yukon River, Circle City; 1939.
33. Fish Wheel on Yukon River, Circle City; 1939.
34. Native with fish at fish wheel, Circle City; 1939.
35. Grave Marker, Circle City; 1938.
36. Days Catch in Fish Wheel, Circle City; 1939.
37. Old Timers Sullivan, Parker, and Jensen; 1939.
39. Gilmore Mining Co., Gilmore Creek (near Fairbanks); 1939.
40. Mammoth tusk uncovered at Gilmore Mine; 1939.
41. Steward & Woods Mine, Deadwood Creek in Circle area; 1938.
43. Hopper, Enstrom Bros. Mine, Circle Hot Springs; 1939.
44. Half Dollar Mine, Circle Hot Springs; 1940.
-- P. Vogel, Ketchum Creek Mine, Circle Hot Springs; 1939.


Description of Film, 1937-1938.

Leaving Seattle for Juneau and Valdez on Steamer "Yukon".

Ketchikan, scenes of town.

Leaving Ketchikan or coming into Petersburg or Wrangel.

Arriving in Juneau (possibly there is a colored photo of this).

Alaska Juneau Mine (there is a colored photograph of this).

Leaving Juneau.

Arriving at Valdez, scenes of town.

Middle Fork Mine Site, Chestichina River. Looking West. Cook House and Weather Station.

Fish Lake, Mt. Drum and Mt. Sanford.

Endstrom Brother's Mine, Ketchum Creek near Circle Hotsprings. Clean up day, shoveling gold bearing dirt into sluice box. P&H dragline, [Vogel describes mine work].

University at Fairbanks, hockey game with Anchorage. The referee is a Professor Bastris[?], professor of chemistry at the University. [Vogel describes one of the players]. President Bunnel's house is in the background.

Dogsled race during the Winter Ice Carnival in Fairbanks.

Cross-country ski race on the university campus at Fairbanks. Girls' dormitory is in the background.

Endstrom Brother's Mine near Circle Hotsprings. Sluice box washing ore, Vogel operating a bulldozer, others working, Vogel on the bulldozer. Bulldozers were International TD40's. Mine surroundings, cookhouse and tents. Endstrom's cabin.

End of Film.