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ALASKA PACIFIC BANCORPORATION. Records; 1976-1986. .35 cu. ft.

Alaska Pacific Bank opened for business in July of 1976, specializing in business banking. In 1979, it merged with First National Bank of Fairbanks and Alaska Pacific Leasing, Inc. to form Alaska Pacific Bancorporation, which eventually included Alaska Pacific Mortgage Company, Alaska Pacific Trust Company, and Pentek Leasing, Inc. In 1985, Alaska Pacific Bancorporation was acquired by Key Banks, Inc. of Albany New York and became Key Bank of Alaska.

The collection consists of business records of Alaska Pacific Bancorporation. Included are minutes of shareholders meetings and meeting notices (1982-1983), annual reports(1976-1984), Securities and Exchange Commission reports, and other records.

Presented to the archives by Omer Carey in 1990.


Folder List:

1. Annual Reports; 1976-1984.

2. Securities and Exchange Commission form 10-K annual reports; 1979-1980, 1986.

3. Minutes, Annual Shareholders Meetings; 1982-1983.

4. Meeting Notices, Annual Shareholders Meetings; 1979-1985.

5. Stock offering circular; 1976.

6. Press Releases; n.d., 1979, 1983.

7. Alaska Pacific Trust Company - Review of Assets; 1985.

8. Miscellaneous reports; 1983-1984.