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PACIFIC ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS INC. Lost River Comprehensive Feasibility Study; 1973. .2 cu. ft.

Pacific Architects and Engineers Inc. presented this study to the City Council of Lost River, Alaska, in 1973. The purpose of the study was to examine the feasibility of building a planned community in which to house employees of the Lost River Mining Company. The community of Lost River and the adjacent mining area are located on the Seward Peninsula, southeast of Wales and northwest of Brevig Mission on the Bering Sea coast. Important mineral deposits in the area include fluorite, tin, and tungsten. For further records relating to the Lost River Mining Company see the Joseph and Lisa Rudd Collection.

The collection consists of the documents and drawings of the Lost River Comprehensive Feasibility Study. They include a status report to the City Council of Lost River and related planning documents; concept drawings for systems of power, heating, fire protection, solid and liquid waste disposal, and potable water; drawings concerning soil and permafrost patterns, foundations and utility concepts, and housing density options; and preliminary concepts drawings for the housing and city center, main utilidor service, pedestrian circulation, and vehicular circulation.

The collection was transferred to the archives from the Technical Services Department of the Consortium Library in 1992.

JS (11/1995)


1. Status Report and Related Planning Documents (8.5 X 11 and 8.5 X 14 inch); n.d., May 1973.

2. System Concepts (nine, 11 X 17 inch drawings); Apr. 1973.
-Fire Protection
-Solid Waste
-Lquid Waste
-Potable Water

3. Soil and Permafrost Patterns (two, 19 X 24 inch drawings); n.d.
-Townsite West Existing
-Townsite East Existing

4. Foundation and Utility Concepts (two, 19 X 24 inch drawings); n.d.

5. Housing Density Options (18 X 26 inch drawing); n.d.
-High Density
-Medium Density
-Low Density

6. Preliminary Concepts (four, 24 X 30 inch drawings); n.d.
-Housing and City Center
-Main Utilidor Service
-Pedestrian Circulation
-Vehicular Circulation