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HARRY C. SCHILLER. World War II Papers; 1941-1945, 1948. .25 cu. ft.
Harry C. Schiller was from Southport Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. He enlisted in the United States Army in June 1941, and received his initial training at Camp Roberts, California, as a member of Company D, 88th Infantry Training Battalion. Schiller later served in the 7th Infantry Division Band, where he also played alto saxophone in the swing band. His service in the Pacific included time on Attu Island and in Honolulu, Hawaii, among other locations.

The collection consists of the World War II era papers of 7th Infantry Division Band member, Harry C. Schiller. The collection contains: documents from his initial military training in 1941; correspondence with family (n.d., 1945); Attu Island related publications and clippings (1943); publications from service in the Pacific (n.d., 1945), military separation publications (n.d., 1945); clippings, notes and other memorabilia from military service; a sonnet Schiller wrote for a poetry class in 1948; and 45 original black and white photographic prints and seven negatives. Subjects of the photographs include: Harry Schiller's family and friends; the 7th Infantry Division Band; the Buddy Barrows swing band; and service in Hawaii.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2002.

JAS (10/2002)

Folder List:

1. Documents from military training; n.d., 1941 (7 items).

-Cards sent to family members on Harry C. Schiller's arrival at duty assignments:
1. Reception Center, Camp Grant, Illinois; June 5, 1941.
2. Headquarters Reception Center, Camp Grant, Illinois; June 6, 1941.
3. Infantry Replacement Center, Camp Roberts, California; June 10, 1941.
4. Co. D., 88th Infantry Training Battalion, Infantry Replacement Training Center, Camp Roberts, California; June 14, 1941.

-Company passes from Co. D, 88th Inf. Tng. Bn.; June 21 and July 12, 1941.

-General Guard Orders; n.d.

-Company Alert Plan; n.d.

2. Correspondence with family; n.d., 1945 (9 items).
  1. Card; n.d.
  2. Handmade card from niece, Frances Plotke; n.d.
  3. Letter from father, Frank A. Schiller, to Harry Schiller; Apr. 21, 1945.
  4. Letter from sister, Mrs. Anthony Plotke, to Harry Schiller; Apr. 25, 1945.
  5. Letter from father to Harry Schiller; Apr. 28, 1945.
  6. Letter from Harry Schiller to father, including attached American Red Cross letter and memorandum (June 1 and 10, 1945) concerning the health and welfare of his widowed father; June 12, 1945.
  7. Letter from father to Harry Schiller; June 16, 1945.

3. Attu Island related publications and clippings; 1943 (4 items).
  1. Third Battalion, 32nd Infantry Memorial Service, July 4, 1943 (program).
  2. The Barbara (Aleut Hut), Grand Opening: 1930, August 21, 1943 (program, 4 pages).
  3. The Attu Sun, Souvenir Edition, Attu, Aleutian Islands, 27 August 1943, Vol. I (newspaper of the 32nd Infantry, Colonel Marc J. Logie, commanding, 7 pages).
  4. Clippings of four photographs from the U.S. Army invasion of Attu, from Yanks magazine; ca. 1943.

4. Publications from service in the Pacific; n.d., 1945. (5 items).
  1. U.S.S. Relief, AH-1, At Sea, Independence Day, 1945 (menu).
  2. The Hourglass, Seventh Infantry Division, I & E Office, Ryukyu Islands, Vol. III, No. 11 and Vol. IV, No. 62; Apr. 15 and June 5, 1945 (newsletters, 2 pages each).
  3. The Daily Target, Saipan, I & E Section, Western Pacific Command, Vol. II, No. 67; July 13, 1945 (4 page newletter).
  4. Okinawa Shima (map of island); n.d. (8 X 13 inch).

5. Military separation publications; n.d., 1945 (2 items).
  1. It's All Yours, Veteran: What Illinois Veterans Can Get From the Nation, State and Community; By a Veteran; Issued by the Governor's Committee on Veteran's Rehabilitation and Employment, State of Illinois; n.d. (booklet, 66 pages).
  2. Going Back to Civilian Life; War and Navy Departments; Aug. 1945 (booklet, 87 pages).

6. Clippings, notes and memorabilia from military service; n.d., 1941, 1943-1945. (19 items).

-Newspaper clippings; n.d., 1941.
  1. Photo of infantry barracks, Camp Roberts, California; n.d.
  2. "88th Infantrymen Stage Excellent Variety Show"; By Pvt. Willard Baumgarten, Co. D, 88th Inf. Bn.; Aug. 8, 1941.
  3. Photo of 32nd Infantry dance, held at the Fresno Civic Auditorium ; Staff photo by Pvt. Emmett Griggs; n.d.
  4. Publicity photo of Judy Garland, who sang for troops at the Fort Ord Bowl; n.d.
  5. Publicity photo of Edgar Bergen, Charley, McCarthy, Lew Costello, and Bud Abbott, who performed at the Fort Ord Bowl; n.d.

-Other items; n.d., 1943-1945.
  1. Harry Schiller's personal handwritten notes; n.d., May 16, 1945 (6 small spiral notebook pages).
  2. Soldier's Individual Pay Record; Apr.1, 1943.
  3. Shoe Purchase Certificate; July 30, 1945.
  4. War Department, Tobacco Ration Card, Expires 29 October 1945.
  5. Hale-Kai Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, business card; n.d.
  6. Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. Ltd. Transfer tickets; n.d. (4 different).
  7. South Seas at Waikiki cocktail napkin; n.d.
  8. Decorations and Service Ribbons of U.S. Armed Forces; n.d. (color page from magazine).
  9. Waikiki Foto Shop, 2244 Kakakana Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, photo packet; Jan. 28, 1944.
  10. Walgreen Studio photo packet; July 7, 1944.
  11. Everything Photographic, 133 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago 2, Ill., Eastman Kodak photo packet; n.d.

7. Harry C. Schiller, sonnet written for English-6, Introduction to Study of Poetry; Sep. 3, 1948 (1 page, handwritten).

8. Photographs; n.d., 1942-1944 (45 b&w prints; 7 b&w negatives, 120 size).

-Harry Schiller in uniform at U.S. Army base with mother, Fay Lincoln Schiller, father, Frank A. Schiller, and unidentified friends; Aug. 1942 (12 prints, 2.75 X 3.75 inch).

-Harry Schiller playing saxophone with Buddy Barrows band; n.d. (8 prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).

-Harry Schiller playing saxophone in 7th Division Band (photo lot no. 637); n.d. (5 prints, 3.25 X 4.5 inch).

-Individual Prints:
  1. "Seventh Division Band: Tram[section]- Harwich - Hanrahan - Holliday -Peterson - Waits - Wilson, Bass [section]- Buckley - Moore - Belieu- R. Moore -Glocken - Wismar, Drum [section] - Shutes - Fontaine - Means - Kidwell, Trum [section]- Halverson - Way - De Meo - Wiseman - D.W. Smith - Lepage -Egelston - Stohl - Smith, Horn [section]- Kelley - Paye - Feldsted - Hoskins, Flute [section] - Strange - Ebclar. Ostendorf, Clari [section]- Hutchinson - Arnold - Golder - McConnell - Mello - Dylong - Waters - Boudouin - Baly -Capps, Sax [section]- Iaccobitti - Schiller - Fenlon - Canedy, Bari [section]-Melvin - James, Bandleader-Mr. Brush" Band performing in Hawaii; n.d. (3.5 X 4.75 inch).
  2. "A picture of most of the men in the swing band. Left to right standing. Ostendorf - Bari-Sax - a Chicago boy. - Harwich, on Trom. - Petersen Trom. - Simmons Guitar.- Moore Bass- Arnold - Ten. Sax - Holliday Trom. - Daly Alto sax - Stafford Trumpet - Lyons Drums. Kneeling left to right. De Meo Trumpet - Schiller Alto sax. - Paye vocalist - Way Trumpet."; June 11, 1944 (2 copies of same image, 3.5 X 4.75 inch).
  3. Harry Schiller playing saxophone in 7th Division Swing Band; n.d. (3.25 X 4.5 inch).
  4. "October 1943, Dust Bowl" Harry Schiller standing between buildings on military base (3.25 X 4.5 inch).
  5. "A jive session in the (mess tent) Garage, H.C.S."; n.d. (3.25 X 4.5 inch).
  6. "Nov 1, 1944, Dear Harry: To a Fine Sincere & true Friend. May our Friendship continue on and on until all eternity, Your Pal, Raymond" Sailor playing clarinet (3 X 4 inch).
  7. Man playing piano; n.d. (3 X 5.75 inch).
  8. Soldier standing near barracks door for 3rd Platoon, Co. D, 88th Inf. Tng. Bn.; n.d. (3.5 X 5 inch).
  9. Soldier lying in bed in hospital ward; Oct. 4, 1945 (3.25 X 4.5 inch).
  10. Man in dress coat holding hat; n.d. (3 X 4.75 inch).
  11. "Oahu - 1944 - Posin' -Wish you were here - " Harry Schiller in Hawaii; n.d.(2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  12. "Another pose" Harry Schiller swinging golf club (same photo lot as above); 1944 (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  13. Two soldiers standing in clearing (same photo lot as above); 1944 (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  14. "November 1943, Somewhere in Hawaii, Saxes: Hutch, Strange, Daly, Schiller and McConnell" Band practicing (2.5 X 2.5 inch).
  15. Harry Schiller and woman standing on sidewalk; n.d. (2¼ X 3¼ inch)
  16. Two older women and small boy sitting at kitchen table; n.d. (2 X 3 inch).
  17. "George Maedel & Ed - Gene calls George Ba Ba" Younger man holding small boy, and older man standing next to them; May 1, 1944 (2.25 X 4 inch).
  18. Woman on sidewalk holding same small boy as above; May 1, 1944 (2.25 X 4 inch).
  19. Harry Schiller' mother and father standing in front of fenced yard; n.d. (3.5 X 5 inch).
  20-26. Above photograph and and others of Mr. and Mrs. Schiller and neighborhood children and friends; n.d. (7 b&w negatives, 120 size).