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DEMAR C. LONG (1933-1993). Photograph Album; 1953. .1 cu. ft.

DeMar Long was the leader of the Antlers Club, the junior organization of the Elks Club in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1953. DeMar Long died in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1993.

The collection consists of a photograph album presumably created by Anchorage resident DeMar Long. The album, with illustrated Alaska cover, contains 44 black and white prints, a birthday card, and a single page of newspaper clippings. Subjects of the photographs include: people, particularly women and children, in a Spenard neighborhood; a woman and two young girls recreating at an area lake; and people at the Anchorage International Airport. The birthday card is from a mother to her daughter. The newspaper clippings include: the masthead for the Anchorage Daily Times for October 28, 1953; a photo portrait of DeMar Long with caption announcing him as the new leader of the Antlers Club; the almanac entry for the day giving daylight hours and yesterday's temperatures; and a photograph of Donald Novis and Bonnie Stephens, local performers from a vaudeville show benefiting crippled children held at the Elks ballroom, dated October 8, 1953.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2005.

JAS (12/2005)