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HELEN STEVENS (1877-1968). Papers and Photographs; 1897-1951. .7 cu. ft.

Helen M. Stevens was born in Postville, Iowa, in 1877. She married Charles H. Garvin in 1898, and moved to Spokane, Washington. She had two children: Dorothy, born in 1901, and Donald, in 1903. After her divorce from Charles Garvin in 1910, she operated a beauty shop in Spokane until 1918. She came to Anchorage, Alaska with her daughter Dorothy aboard the S.S. Alameda in 1918, and worked for the Alaska Railroad, first as a messenger, and then as a roving reporter. After a brief marriage to Mic Lynch in Anchorage, she moved to Fairbanks. She married Gilbert Stevens in 1924, and then moved to Vista, California in 1927. During the later part of her life, she wrote about her professions of raising purebred rabbits and planting corn by following astrological charts. Helen Stevens died in San Diego, California, in 1968.

The collection consists of the Alaska related papers and photographs of Helen Stevens. The collection contains a small number of personal papers and publications, 170 black and white prints, 133 photo post cards, and 103 black and white preservation copy negatives of selected images. The papers include: 13 newspaper and magazine articles written by Stevens (n.d., 1939, 1941); two letters to Stevens from George J. Love, manager of the Pathfinder Publishing Company, concerning her writing for The Pathfinder of Alaska Magazine (1922, 1923); a letter from a gold miner at Bonifield Creek describing mining in the area (1923); a letter to Stevens from Harriet Pullen of Skagway (1926); a letter from Stevens to the Iowa State Department of Health requesting a copy of her birth certificate (1942); a handwritten account of caribou viewing and hunting near Fairbanks; an assay certificate and a mining certificate from the Alaska School of Mines in Fairbanks (1924); a sheet of Mt. McKinley National Park Hotel stationery; copies of the poems: "Days of '98," "The Sourdough's Farewell," and "The Pioneers of Alaska," by Ulu M. Thompson; a membership card for the Alaska Totem Hobby Club; 12 plates of photographs with captions from a National Editorial Association convention to Skagway, Alaska aboard Alaska Steamship Company vessels in 1939; two plates of a photographic portrait of Father William Duncan, founder of the Metlakatla Christian Church, and other related items; a copy of an historical booklet by Harriet S. Pullen of Skagway: Soapy Smith, Bandit of the Skagway: How He Lived, How He Died; a copy of a booklet containing a tourist article on Alaska by Fred M. Rolens, entitled, "Alaska – Part Two" (1939); a copy of the Alaska Railroad photo-illustrated booklet,  Big Game Hunting Along the Alaska Railroad (1932); a large color Alaska Steamship Company map (1936); and a Rotagraph photograph section of the newspaper, The Alaska Weekly, from 1926. Subjects of Stevens' Alaska articles include: homemaking, agriculture, rabbit breeding, native culture, and her travels in Alaska in 1939 and 1941. Subjects of the photographs and post cards include: the Alaska Railroad (Alaskan Engineering Commission photographs); Helen Stevens' visit to Southeast Alaska for an N.E.A. Convention in Skagway (1939); Metlakatla and the Metlakatla Christian Church; and other miscellaneous Alaskan subjects.

The collection was presented to the archives by Margaret Poynter in 2005. A deed of gift was signed in 2005. Additional materials were added to the collection in 2007.

JAS (12/2007)

Photograph list:

1. H. G. Kaiser Photographs; n.d., 1898, 1918 (7 b&w prints).
"Half Breed Eskimo Beauty" Portrait of girl in fur parka; n.d. (7.75 X 9.75 inch).
  2. "Eskimo Mother & Child" Portrait of woman in fur parka with young child on her back; n.d. (7.75 X 9.75 inch).
  3. "Eskimo Ivory Carver, Nome, Alaska" Man in skin parka carving cribbage board; 1898 (7 X 9.75 inch).
  4. "A Cheechako's First Stampede, Nome, Alaska." Man sitting in field with prospector's pack on back, whipping his brow; n.d. (8 X 9.75 inch).
  5. "Revenue Cutter Bear & Str. Corwin in the Ice. Nome, Alaska." View from the ice; n.d. (7.75 X 9.75 inch).
  6."Anchorage Bay at Midnight, July 1918" View of fishing boat from shore in the dim light; 1918 (reverse image, 7.75 X 9.75 inch).
  7. "Spencer Glacier on Gov't. R. Road Mile 54"; n.d. (reverse image, 7.75 X 9.75 inch).

2. Alaskan Engineering Commission Photographs; n.d., 1918-1922 (40 b&w prints).
"Depot, Commisary and Freight House, King River, Alaska"; By P. S. Hunt; n.d. (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G733. "G. H. Saindon's Harvester and Binder, Matanuska Branch, A. E. C. Ry." Johnston harvester pulled by team of horses; By P. S. Hunt; n.d. (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G947. "Cutting Oats for Hay on Kinsinger Ranch 4 miles from Matanuska, Oct. 5, 1918." Two men and boy with harvester and team of horses; By H. G. Kaiser; 1918 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G964. "Oct. 5, 1918 Scene in Matanuska Valley" Man and several horses in brushy field; By H. G. Kaiser; 1918 (7.5 X 9.25 inch).
  G985. "View of Matanuska Valley from Hikey Farm, Mile 6, Gov't. R. Road, Oct. 9, 1918." View of farm buildings, valley, and engine and caboose on railroad; By H. G. Kaiser; 1918 (8 X 10 inch).
  G1059. "Spencer Glacier"; By H. G. Kaiser; n.d. (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1064. "Seward Div. Gov't Railroad, Oct. 23, 1918." Two men walking on wooden trestle bridge; 1918 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G1094. "Seward Div. Gov't Rail Road. View of Glacier from Mile 46, Oct. 20, 1918"; By H. G. Kaiser; 1918 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1115. "Seward Dairy, Mile 3, Seward Division Gov't R. R., Oct. 20, 1918"; By H. G. Kaiser; 1918 (6.75 X 9 inch).
  G1394. "The Admiral Watson at Anchorage, Alaska, July 28, 1919." View of steamship at dock from shore; By H. G. Kaiser; 1919 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1404. "Mile 235.5, July 25, 1919. Extra Gang No. 3 Laying Track at Rate of 1.5 Miles a Day." Track-laying gang and machinery on graded railroad bed; By H. G. Kaiser; 1919 (6 X 8.25 inch).
  G1415. "A. E. C. Hospital Gardens Supplying Hospital Mess with Fresh Vegetables During Season." View of hospital in distance at left; n.d. (8 X 10 inch).
  G1419. "An Anchorage Home, Aug. 15, 1919" Log home and garden; By H. G. Kaiser; 1919 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1505. "The Admiral Watson at the New Dock, Nov. 15, 1919." Steamship tied to railroad dock; By H. G. Kaiser; 1919 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G1551. "Wagon Bridge at Indian River, May 22, 1920." By H. G. Kaiser; 1920 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G1576. "Secretary of Navy Daniels, Secretary of the Interior J. B. Payne, Governor Riggs of Alaska, July 15, 1920." Three men and crowd in front of Seward Depot; By H. G. Kaiser; 1920 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1679. "A. E. C. River Docks, Nenana, Oct. 1, 1920" Steamboat Reliance of St. Michael at left; By H. G. Kaiser; 1920 (7.5 X 9.25 inch).
  G1720. "Susitna Bridge, Mar. 10, 1921." Steel trestle bridge; By H. G. Kaiser; 1921 (6.25 x 8.25 inch).
  G1732. "First Steamer of Season Arrives at Anchorage, March 29, 1921." Full portside view of the S.S. Alameda; By H. G. Kaiser; 1921 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1733. "Steamer Alameda Discharging Cargo, March 29, 1921, Anchorage, Alaska." Steamship next to train on railroad; By H. G. Kaiser; 1921 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1755. "Mile 237-238, May 17, 1921" Men and steam shovel working on roadbed on shoreline; By H. G. Kaiser; 1921 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1761. "Susitna River Ridge, May 16, 1921." View from track on wooden trestle approach; By H. G. Kaiser; 1921 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G1762. "Susitna Bridge during the Ice Run, May 15, 1921." View of trestle bridge and river from shoreline; By H. G. Kaiser; 1921 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G1772. "Hurricane Gulch Bridge Site, June 19, 1921" View of bridge under construction; By H. G. Kaiser; 1921 (6.5 X 7.75 inch).
  G1773. Another view of Hurricane Gulch Bridge site; 1921 (6.5 X 7.5 inch).
  G1787. "North End of Bridge Site 'Looking South,' 6/19-21" View of workers and machinery at Hurricane Gulch Bridge site; By H. G. Kaiser; June 19, 1921 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G1859. "Looking Down Over Tram-Way from Hill, 7-19-1921." View toward town on railroad next to river; July 19, 1921 (6.25 X 8.25 inch).
  G2002. "A. E. C. River Boat Matanuska Transferring Gravel from Nenana Dock to North Pier No. 12 of Tanana Bridge." View of riverboat and Tanana River from shore; n.d. (7.75 X 9.75 inch).
  G2032. "View of Fox Station on Chatanika Branch of Alaska R. Road, Sept. 5, 1922." View of town and mine tailing in valley from hayfield above; 1922 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G2033. "Hay Ranch on Chatanika Branch. Alaska R. Road." View of hayfield from below; By H. G. Kaiser; 1922 (8 X 10 inch).
  G2034. "Placer Gold Mines Along Chatanika Branch of Alaska R. Road." View of sluice and tailing pond; By H. G. Kaiser; 1922 (6.5 X 6.5 inch).
  G2036. "View of Chatanika Mining District, Alaska R. Road, Sept. 6, 1922"; By H. G. Kaiser; 1922 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  G2039. "Interior of Passenger Car, Alaska R. Road, Sept. 28, 1922."; By H. G. Kaiser; 1922 (8 X 10 inch).
  G2040. "Interior of Observation & Dining Car, Alaska R. Road, 9/29, 1922."; Sep. 28, 1922 (8 X 9.5 inch).
  G2070. "Healy River Coal Mines, 11/3/1922."; By H. G. Kaiser; 1922 (7.75 X 10 inch).
  G2119. "Tanana River Bridge, Feb. 9, 1923." View from track at one end of bridge; By H. G. Kaiser; 1923 (8 X 10 inch).
  H77. "Lake Spenard Anchorage Bathing Resort."; By H. G. Kaiser; n.d. (7.75 X 9.75 inch).
  H164. "Train Leaves Nenana for Anchorage & Seward Over Alaska R. Road." View of passenger train at Nenana Station; By H. G. K; n.d. (7.75 X 9.75 inch).
  H166. "Excavating for Viaduct Piers, Tanana River Bridge." View of steam shovel at work; By H. G. Kaiser; n.d. (7.5 X 9.75 inch).
  H167. "Regular Train Leaving Anchorage with Shriners Bound for Fairbanks." View of train crossing small trestle bridge over creek. Railroad hospital in distance at left; By H. G. Kaiser; n.d. (7.75 X 9.75 inch).

3. Helen Stevens visit to Alaska; June-Aug. 1939 (14 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
Helen M. Stevs & Earl Ohmer at Petersburg, Alaska in June 1939, NEA trip."
  2. "On Lover's Lane in Sitka on NEA Convention trip in June, 1939, Alaska" Helen Stevens in front of totem pole.
  3. "Chilkoot Barracks sled dog corral, near Skagway in June 1939, NEA trip, Alaska" Man and dog inside kennel fence.
  4. "Will Grindad [?], Publisher & I, taken at 1939 NEA Convention trip at Mt. McKinley Park, in June 1939, Alaska."
  5. "Tame squirrel & Helen M. Stevens, taken at McKinley Park Ranger's Camp on NEA Convention trip in June 1939, Alaska."
  6. "McKinley Park Rangers Camp on NEA Convention trip in June 1939, Alaska" Man touching ground with hand.
  7. "Martin Iljin & Helen M. Stevens, taken at Reid's Falls above Skagway, July 1939, Alaska."
  8. "Taken on bridge over Skagway River in July 1939, Alaska" Helen Stevens on wooden footbridge.
  9. "On road out of Skagway, to bridge over Skagway River, July 1939" Helen Steven on road.
  10. "Helen M. Stevens & Canadian 'Mountee', taken at depot at Lake Bennett, B.C. at S.S. picnic, Aug. 1939."
  11. "Helen M. Stevens at picnic at Lake Bennett, B.C., Aug. 1939."
  12. "Taken at Chilkoot Army Post Dog Corral at close of N.E.A. Convention trip to Skagway, Aug. 1939, Alaska.
  13. "Harriet S. Pullen, Helen M. Stevens, taken Aug. 10th 1939 at Pullen House, Skagway, Alaska."
  14. "Alert Bay Totem Park, Indian burial ground in Aug. 1949, B.C." Helen Stevens in front of totem pole.

4. Metlakatla photographs; n.d., 1919 (5 b&w prints; 28 b&w photo post cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).

   1. Metlakatla Christian Church (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  2. Grave marker for Father William Duncan (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  3. Distant view of Metlakatla salmon cannery from dock (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  4. Fishing boats near village on shoreline (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  5. "FS-N1, 9-1-19" Distant aerial view of Metlakatla from West; Alaska Steamship Co. Photo; Sep. 1, 1919 (7.25 X 9.25 inch).

Photo Post Cards:
  1. "Father Duncan, Founder of Metlakatla, Alaska." Portrait; n.d.
  2. "M.C.C. Pastor's Manse, Metlakatla, Alaska"; n.d.
  3. "Salmon Cannery, Metlakatka, Alaska"; n.d.
  4. "Water fall, Metlakatla, Alaska"; n.d.
  5. "U.S. Public School, Metlakatla, Alaska."; n.d.
   6. "Indian dancing costume, Alaska." Tsimshean man wearing blanket and headdress; n.d.
  7. "Metlakatka, Alaska. The Concert Band."; n.d.
  8. "Town Hall, Metlakatla, Alaska"; n.d.
  9. Grave marker for Father William Duncan; n.d.
  10. "Metlakatkka, Alaska" Two village churches. Metkakatla Christian Church in background at right; n.d.
  11. "Metlakatka, Alaska" View of village from above with Metlakatla Christian Church in distance at far right; n.d.
  12. "Hydro Electric Plant, Metlakatla, Alaska."; n.d.
  13. "Metlakatla, Alaska." Distant view toward village looking south; n.d.
  14. "Metlakatla, Alaska." View of village looking north toward Port Chester; n.d.
  15. "Pioneers' Monument, Metlakatla, Alaska" Building in background; n.d.
  16. "Pioneers Monument, Metlakatla, Alaska" Building behind at right; n.d.
  17. "Totem Pole Maker, Metlakatla, Alaska" Man making souvenir totems; n.d.
  18. Man in shop carving small souvenir totems; n.d.
"Interior, Father Duncan's Church, Metlakatla, Alaska" View toward altar; Schallerer Photo, No. S-239; n.d.
  20. "Conveying Salmon into Cannery, Metlakatla, Alaska"; Schallerer Photo, No. S-250; n.d.
  21. "Father Duncan's Grave, Metlakatla, Alaska"; Schallerer Photo, No. S-252; n.d.
  22. "Father Duncan's Church, Metlakatla, Alaska"; Schallerer Photo, No. S-253; n.d.
  23. "Father Duncan's House" Four interior views; Schallerer Photo, No. S-298; n.d.
  24. "Air View, Metlakatla Cannery"; Schallerer Photo, No. S-370; n.d.
  25. "Christian Church, Metlakatla, Alaska"; n.d.
  26. "Metlakatla, Alaska" Village view with Metlakatla Christian church at right; n.d.
  27. "Original Church, Metlakatla, B.C. Erected by Rev. Wm. Duncan. Opened December 25th 1874. Constructed Entirely by Native Labor. Seating Capacity About 1000. Cost $12,000.00. Destroyed by fire 1901." Photo of drawing; n.d.
  28. Altar of church with congregation from above with choir singing behind; n.d.

5. Small Photograph Groups; n.d., 1922 (56 b&w prints).

Soapy Smith, Skagway; n.d. (3 prints):
"Soapy Smith & his gang, Skagway, Alaska" Group of re-enactors in on Skagway street; n.d. (3.5 X 5.25 inch).
  2. Soapy Smith re-enactor on dock; n.d. (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
  3. Grave marker for Jefferson Smith, died July 8, 1898.

Black Rapids Roadhouse on Delta River; n.d. (5 prints):
"On the road from Rapids Roadhouse in the Delta." Scene of road, river and mountains (3.25 X 5.25 inch).
  2. "Rapids Roadhouse on the Trail, Chas. Nevelius, Prop." Nearly full view of front of roadhouse (3.25 X 5.25 inch).
  3. "Chas. Neuvelius and his winter's woodpile at Rapids, on the Trail, near the Roadhouse." (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
  4. "Chas. Nevelius & dog team at Rapids, near Roadhouse." (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
  5. "Between rapids, Millers road house on Valdez Trail. Glacier across ice field" Two dogsleds crossing bridge on river (3.25 X 5.5 inch).

Mounted game heads; n.d. (2 prints):
Dalle sheep ram, full curl (4 X 5 inch).
  2. Caribou head (3.5 X 4.5 inch).

John Barrack of Fairbanks; n.d., 1922 (2 prints):
"John Barrack and Mrs. James Barrack, Fairbanks, Alaska, Oct. 1922." Man and woman on boat deck (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
  2. "John Barrack, Fairbanks" Portrait in suit; n.d. (3.25 X 4.25 inch).

Carl White, Tolovana River; n.d. (3 prints):
"Carl White's Steamer going up Tolovana to the Trapper's Cabin" Group of men and woman on river steamboat at dock (4.5 X 6 inch).
  2. "Carl White standing on stairs. Log cabin at the head of the Tolovana at end of Nav. Take R. R. here and go 14 miles from here to Livengood." Boats on river below cabin (4.75 X 5 inch).
  3. "Log Cabins, Tolovana River on way to Livengood. Just before close of Nav. Carl White's steamer near landing on Tolovana helping boat over two bars." (3.25 X 5.5 inch).

Alaskan Motion Picture Corporation, Anchorage; n.d. (3 prints):
"Baby Margie Scheckert, Child Star, Alaskan Motion Picture Corp., Anchorage, Alaska." Young girl holding parasol (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
  2. "Blizzard machine on location, Spencer Glacier, Alaska" Group of men and women on machine on railroad tracks (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
  3. "Star in Motion picture taken in Anchorage at train" Young woman in hat and fur stole in front of rear railing of train car (4.75 X 6.75 inch).

Moose on Delta River; n.d. (4 prints, 3.25 X 5.5 inch):
Moose standing in shallow part of river.
  2. Ducks in lake.
  3. Two men and dog with dead moose near rowboat.
  4. "Towing the moose to shore across the Delta Bar." Two men pulling dead moose in river.

Dyea and White Pass; 1897-1898 (2 prints):
"Miners in Camp - Dyea, '97" Men in tent camp with boats (3.5 X 5 inch).
  2. "The White Pass - 1898" Scene at base of camp near Pack Train Hotel & Feed Stable (3.5 X 5.75 inch).

U. S. Army Soldiers at Chilkoot Barracks, Haines; n.d., 1939 (5 prints):
"Major Amis' team. Location Chilcat River 24 miles from Haines, 20 degrees below zero." Woman seated on dog sled (3.5 X 4.5 inch).
  2. "E Company trail blazing at 24 miles from Chilkoot Passto lake. For dogs & men 70 to 80 lb. pack" Soldier wearing snowshoes and carrying backpacks (3.5 X 3.5 inch).
  3. "2 soldiers target practice, Chilkoot Barracks, field packs and snow shoes" Soldiers shooting rifles from seated position (2.5 X 4 inch).
  4. "View of Chilkoot Barracks, March 15, 1939" (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
  5. "1939 March" Sled dogs at Chilkoot Barracks (2.25 X 3 inch).

Davis Dog Team in Interior; n.d. (2 prints):
"Cousin Davis Dot Team In Interior" Men and dog team near settlement (3.25 X 4 inch).
  2. "Davis dog team in Interior" Two sleds and dog teams on trail (3 X 4 inch).

National Canners Association Photographs; n.d. (2 prints):
"Setting the seine" Purse-seiner fishing boat in distance (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
2. "Purse Seiner" Purse-seiner fishing boat Evolution, full starboard view (3.25 X 4.5 inch).

Unknown Photographer; n.d. (4 prints):
"U.S. Deputy Marshall and his Alaska Automobile at Fairbanks, Alaska." Man and sled dog team (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
  2. "A typical trail cabin. The open space between the ceiling and the peak of the roof is filled with sod to keep the cold air out and sod is piled around the base for the same purpose. This is on a spur trail off the main Spinard Trail." Woman in front of small cabin (3.5 X 4.5 inch).
  3 & 4. "The U.S.S. Lawrence in for the winter also a Government barge well frozen in Cook Inlet, Alaska." Alaskan Engineering ship and barge (3 X 5.25 inch).

Road-building Crew; n.d. (6 prints, 3.5 X 5.75 inch):
Group photo near store and roadhouse.
  2. Crew and loaded trucks.
  3. Crew and loaded trucks near store and roadhouse.
  4. Crew and truck on hillside above river.
  5. Crew shoveling snow above river.
  6. House and back of loaded truck.

Nenana area scenes; n.d., 1923 (3 prints, 3.25 X 5.5 inch):
"Ice jam at Nenana." Scene next to railroad tracks.
  2. "L. V. Stanley, Nenana, taken at Shushana (Caribou)" rowboat and dock on lake.
  3. "704 ft. span crossing Tanana River, from top to low waters 150 ft. Nenana, Alaska." (front of print) "Harry Owen, Nenana, March 1923" (back of print) Winter scene of bridge and barges on river (3 X 5.25 inch).

Logging Camp: n.d. (5 prints, 3 X 5 inch):
Scenes of unidentified logging camp: men eating meal, stacked logs, and buildings.

Unidentified Hunting Scenes; n.d. (5 prints, 3.5 X 5.5 inch):
Man behind large pile of Dall sheep heads.
  2. Man pulling Dall sheep ram across snow.
  3. Close-up of caribou herd.
  4. Four caribou crossing road "Photo by T. A. Marquam."
  5. Hunters and pack horses at tent camp.

6. Miscellaneous larger prints; n.d., 1908, 1919 (7 prints).
"Wood sawing contest for French Orphan Fund, Fairbanks, Alaska." (Caption on front of print) "1919. Tony Titis won against George Black in wood sawing contest at Fairbanks for Orphan's Fund during War." (Caption on back of print) Scene in front of Fairview Hotel (4.5 X 6.75 inch).
  2. "T.80. Eng. Camp #449 - Mile 449, July 25, 19." Road construction camp with tents and cabins; July 25, 1919 (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
  3. Street scene in front of Fairbanks railroad depot showing rear of passenger train; n.d. (5.5 X 8.5 inch).
  4. "Little Diomede Isl., Sept. 23-08" View of Big Diomede Islands from Little Diomede Island; Sep. 23, 1908 (6.75 X 9.25 inch).
  5. Department of Interior map of Alaska showing the route of the U. S. Government Railroad; 1921 (8 X 10 inch).
  6. "Alaska Ptarmigan" Two winter ptarmigans; n.d. (8 X 10 inch).
  7. Grizzly bear in zoo; n.d. (8 X 10 inch).

7. Miscellaneous smaller prints; n.d., 1910, 1918, 1920, 1922, 1923 (41 b&w prints).

Notable identified photographs include:

-"This is the main street of is camp of Ruby. There is about three business places on this street the rest are empty buildings. Looks as if I need a shave. Gene Miller Motion Picture News Photographer" Winter scene of man standing on main street of Ruby, Alaska (3.25 X 5.25 inch).
-"The Horner Hot Springs Above Ruby, Alaska." Group of men and women near log cabin (3.25 X 5.25 inch).
-"Anchorage Alaska Pubic School, 1923" (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
-"Mom at college of Mines, Fairbanks" Group photo of men and women on steps of University of Alaska building (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Riverboat Casca and barge on river (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-"Busby's Ranch 1 mile from Fairbanks near Chena River given me by Lars Hauge, Fairbanks, Alaska. Picnic Party." Men, women and children picnicking among the trees (3.75 X 4.75 inch).
-"Rufus H. Nichols" Man displaying large caribou antlers in front of McKinley Park building (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-"R.R.A. –P.S.D.O.A.A.A. North Nenana at narrow guage track. Robert Richard Adams, Sept. 5th, enroute to Fairbanks from Seward." Man standing on railroad tracks behind passenger car in rail yard (2.5 X 4.5 inch).
-"Acklen Villa on the Klondike River, Dawson, Y. T." (3.5 X 5 inch).
-Anderson Bros. & Nerland storefront (3 X 5 inch).
-"Mining on Pedro Creek, Alaska." Mine scene with sluice, tailings and powerhouse(2.75X 5.5 inch).
-"Atlin Freighters. Jimmie Regan, going to Atlin."; Photo by H. G. Barley, Skagway (3.75 X 5.25 inch).
-"Rex E. Mylnberg, Montague Island, Rocky Bay, Alaska. Silvery grey bears – killed with Western Cartridge Co's 180 grain bullet, copper jacketed, Star guaged Springfield. Nov. 20, 1923." Man with rifle and three dead bears (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
-"Nellie Neal, Marshal G. B. Stevens, Helen M. Lynch, on board S.S. Alaska enroute from Seattle to Seward, Alaska in 1920 for Anchorage, Fairbanks, Alaska." Two women and man at ship's rail (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
-"Anchorage 1918 Fourth Ave" Street scene near the Shonbeck Building (2.75 X 4.75 inch).
-"Herman Anderson enroute to Fairbanks on Valdez Trail in early days" Party traveling with horses and sleighs (3 X 5.25 inch).
-"Drilling in Gold Stream. Chris Holly, Jay Johnstone, G. B. Stevens, Julian Blaker, Fred Johnstone" Group at drilling site (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-"Fred Bleeker's Claim on Goldstream #10 below" Mine buildings (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
-"Bull Yak at Fairbanks, Ex perimental Farm, Nov. 1922. On side hil in thick woods, pasture corral above barns."
-"In the Broad Pass country, snow slide on Gov. R.R." Men removing snow and trees from railroad tracks (4 X 5 inch).
-"Tanana River at Nenana" Shoreline scene including barge, tugboat and docks (3.5 X 6 inch).
-"Dedication Ceremony, 13 Sept. 1922. Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines, Fairbanks, Alaska." Group photo in front of college building (3.5 X 6 inch).
-"Waterfront at Fairbanks, Alaska." Scene looking down Chena River (3.5 X 5.75 inch).

8. Commercial Tourist Photo Post Cards; n.d. (56 b&w cards, 3.5 X 5.5, with many cards cropped).
Card publishers include: Sawyers (4); M. Krupp, Seattle (3); Roark Photo, Cordova (5); Photocraft, Cordova (12); Hewitts Photo Shop, Anchorage (10); Jackson, Palmer (5); Ordway's Photo Service, Juneau (3); Winter & Pond, Juneau (2); Alaska Shop (2); Thwaites (1); Maude Dempsey, Seattle (1); Lomen Bros., Nome (1); L.N.C. (1); L. V. Stanley, Miller House (1); A. Wiscnmeyer, Seattle (1); Manger Studio, Fairbanks (1); and Dauphin (1).

Subjects include: Animals, Alaska Natives, fishing, scenery, Palmer, and Valdez.

Palmer area photos by Jackson:
"Cannery and Creamery, Palmer, Alaska."
  2. "A Colonists Home, Palmer, Alaska."
  3. "Knick River Bridge, Palmer, Alaska."
  4. "Palmer, Alaska." Distant view of city.
  5. "Market Street, Palmer, Alaska."

9. Color Commercial Tourist Photo Post Cards; n.d. (9 color photo post cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
"Salmon Leaping Falls, Ketchikan, Alaska."
  2. "Russian Trading Post and Barracks, Sitka, Alaska. Russian Greek Church, St. Michaels in the Distance."
  3. "Juneau, Alaska." View of city from Lynn Canal; Winter & Pond Co.
  4. "Skagway, Alaska" Port scene; Winter & Pond Co.
  5. "Over the Chilkoot Pass During the Gold Rush in Alaska. Thousands of Gold Seekers Used This Trail."
  6. "Indian Village, Alaska, showing Totem Poles."; Portland Post Card Co., Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.
  7. "McKinley Street, Valdez, Alaska."; Loman and Hanford Publ. Co., Seattle; Photo by Nowell.
  8. "Arctic Brotherhood Hall and A. B. Mountain, Skagway, Alaska."; Edwin H. Mitchell, San Francisco.
  9. "Alaskan Railroad Construction" Cartoon of men sitting around wood stove.

10. Miscellaneous Photo Post Cards; n.d. (40 b&w photo post cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch or smaller, man cards cropped).

Subjects of cards include: mining, sled dog teams, Alaska Natives, and animals.

Notable Identified Post Cards:

-Group photo of men at drift mine site, left to right: "Hector Burns, Albert Hughes, Joe Gove, Mike Mirage, Adolf Evermann, John Samson. On Engineer Creek, Sluicing the winter Dump."
-Group photo of men at drift mine site, left to right: "John Matson, G. Ziener, Arthur Paul, Paul Hyland, Andrew Bogoff, Louis Hanson, Andrew Homlund, John Fegler. 16 below Cleary, about 21 miles from Fairbanks."
-"16 below Cleary Creek, Ziener, Chatanika" Distant view of drift mine.
-"Reindeer & herders, Point Barrow."
-"Fairbanks, Alaska, July 5th 1911. Ladies Horse Race." View of racers, track and bleachers.
-"Seppala's Dog Team, taken at Ruby Hot Springs below springs."
-"Drying Salmon on Kenai Lake, Quartz Creek, Alaska." Large drying rack.
-"Mining on Fairbanks Ck. Alaska" View of open pit mine.
-"Indian Canoes, Glazier Bay, Alaska" Several canoes near ship.
-"Walrus Heads onboard Corwin."
-"Nellie in Her Famous Alaska Parka & Mucklucks" Nellie Neal lying on bear rug.
-Nellie Neal landing small boat with rifle and bear carcass.
-"Jim Jefferies & His Bear Skins."
-"Pullen House Grounds, Skagway, Alaska."
-"Roosevelt, Mile 23 R.R. Alaska" Dog team and sled near settlement.