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SHERWOOD ROSS. Ernest Gruening Interview Recordings; 1967. 3 audiocassettes.

Sherwood Ross is a reporter and newspaper columnist. In 1967, he conducted taped interviews of Ernest H. Gruening (1887-1974), former Territorial Governor of Alaska (1939-1953), and U. S. Senator from Alaska (1959-1969). From these interviews Ross wrote the book, Gruening of Alaska: The Dynamic Career of a Remarkable U. S. Senator, published by Best Books, Inc. of New York in 1968. Ernest Gruening held the copyright to the book. Sherwood Ross currently resides in Miami, Florida.

The collection consists of three audiocassettes of interviews of Alaska Senator Ernest Gruening conducted by reporter Sherwood Ross in 1967. The first two audiocassettes, containing sides 1 through 4 of the interview recorded on May 2-3, 1967, are in satisfactory condition. The third audiocassette, containing side 5 of the interview recorded on May 3, 1967, is damaged and cannot be played in its current condition.

The collection was presented to the archives by Sherwood Ross in 2006 and 2007. A deed of gift was signed by Sherwood Ross in 2007.

JAS (11/2007)