Ordinary and Extraordinary Lives of Alaskan Women, 1880-1960


Captions applied to group photographs of related individuals often define the women in terms of their familial relationships. “Sisters.” “Women and their children.” Some of these captions were original to the photographs, some were applied in creating this exhibit. For many of these women it is the way they defined themselves, by their relationships to their family members.

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Late 1940s. These women and their children are standing beside a “Mobile Health Unit”, a service provided by the Alaska Native Service, the Alaska Tuberculosis Assoc., and the Alaska Dept. of Health.
[C. Earl Albrecht papers, HMC-0375]

Prince William Sound, 1898. Aleut crewmembers aboard the schooner Olga pose with their children.
[Edwin F. Glenn papers, HMC-0116]

Tanana, ca. 1905-1908. Katherine Claypool, left, and another woman and child ride in this horse-drawn shay.
[Charles E. Claypool photographs, an Alaska Historical Society collection, HMC-0015u]


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