Marilyn E. Williams letter

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Marilyn E. Williams letter


A letter to Jellybean, host of an Anchorage children's radio show. The letter reads: “Marilyn Williams A A A Dear Jellybean, I listen to your program every Saturday, and enjoy it very much. I’m sorry your ill, I sure hope you’ll be better soon, because I like you better than your daddy, although we can appreciate what daddies do for us. My daddy calls me a “tomboy” because I helped him with his dude riding horses in California before coming to Alaska. Here is a picture of me on Red when I was three years old. Please play a horse story and that old western favorite “The Straws Berry Roan.” But you’ll have to play it some Saturday as I go to school on week days. This is my first fan letter and I would sure like to meet you personly; as you seem to be an understanding person. I hope to be able to come to (over please) Anchorage some time to meet you. Yours Sincerely Marilyn E. Williams” Attached business card, front: “Phone Johnsville Lodge Johnsville 4 Calif. Morey-Williams Riding Stables George L. Morey R.E. “Mike” Williams” Back of business card: “Orange 413 Samuels” Picture of Marilyn on a horse with her handwriting on back of photo: “to Jellybean from Marilyn Williams”


Williams, Marilyn E.
LaFleur, Nickel (Transcriber)


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