Letter written on behalf of Jan Sweeten, December 30, 1954

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Letter written on behalf of Jan Sweeten, December 30, 1954


A letter to Jellybean, host of an Anchorage children's radio show. The letter reads: “December 30. 1954 Dear “Jellybean” Jan is having me typewrite this to tell you all the nice things she got from Santa Claus. One of the not so nice things was a bad cold, but since she got lots of books to color, paste and read it isn’t so bad. Jan is now a home owner, a large doll house and she is very anxious to get better so she can go to Kiddies Toy Land and get a nice doll family to move in. Raggety Ann got a lovey Raggetty Andy to keep her company, also a Blue eyed doll she calls Bonny. She hopes that all your family as well as yourself got lots of nice presents. Could we please order a record of Jan singing??? How very thoughtful of you to make a tape recording of the wonderful party. The children all seemed to have a very good time, not to mention the parents. If you will just let us know how to go about getting the record we will be very grateful. The very best wishes for a most Happy and Successful New Year to “our JellyBean” and all her friends at KFQD. Sincerely, Edith K. Sweeten”


Sweeten, Edith K.
LaFleur, Nickel (Transcriber)


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