Darryl Skadsem letter

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Darryl Skadsem letter


A letter to Jellybean, host of an Anchorage children's radio show.

Mon November 29. 54

I am six years old and have had rheumatic heart disease for over a year so I am in bed all the time. I have school at home and im the second grade. I try to get my school work done up before your program comes on, then I listen to it during my recess rest period. So you can play me a song any time as I’m always listening. You could play “All I Want for Xmas is My Two Front Teeth” as my two top ones are out and wouldn’t mind having mine for Xmas.
We have 8 lovely soft month old puppies to give away. They can eat by themselves now. They are so cute, roly-poly and folicsome. I wouldn’t mind keeping them, but of course we couldn’t keep so many. We have to get rid of them this week and would like to see them get a good home. So any one who would like one can pick up at our place- 7 mi south on Potter Road, the house behind the oil station, or you can call my Dad in Anchorage at number 24201 and ask for Reuben
Your steady listener,
Darryl Skadsen


Skadsem, Darryl
Liebner, Mereidi (Transcriber)


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