Alaska Resources Library and Information Services (ARLIS)

ARLIS‘s collection is focused on the natural and cultural resources of Alaska, and is rich in agency report literature and environmental reports resulting from development projects across the state. ARLIS has amassed a large collection of geotechnical reports that examine the 1964 earthquake in particular, as well as the potential effects of another major earthquake. An essential part of planning a large-scale project, such as the Susitna/Watana Hydroelectric Project or the Pebble Mine, is geotechnical evaluation related to active fault lines, to avoid damage to projects from potentially devastating earthquakes. ARLIS has geotechnical reports and maps related to all major development projects. In addition, a special collection related to the 1964 earthquake was acquired in 2011, consisting of 463 aerial remote-sensing images of the immediate post-earthquake Anchorage area, in printed format. A few other unique items include hand-drawn earthquake maps of the Fourth Avenue slide area in Anchorage, as well as a mylar from NOAA depicting earthquake epicenters from 1899-1973 of greater than 5.3 on the Richter scale.

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