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  • Academic Honesty at UAA; How are we doing?

    Posted on 09/10/10 by Sally Bremner 1 comment

    The academic honesty (AI) environment at UAA  was assessed during Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 based on guidelines from the International Center for Academic Integrity, and facilitated by the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity. Preliminary data were presented  at the Faculty Retreat on August 24th, 2011.  Well-known AI reseacher, Professor Don McCabe gave a presentation entitled Academic Integrity in the U.S., and Dr. Claudia Lampman presented an overview of UAA’s  AI assessment results. You can  View Summary Report 2011-08-22.

    Phase II: Focus groups of administrators, faculty and students will convene in September, and a final report and recommendations is anticipated in January 2012. Please e-mail us if you’d like to join a focus group.

    Our web-based Academic Integrity Tutorial can help students learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it. They will take the quiz until they get 100%,  and receive a certificate of completion. See Faculty Resources tab for more information about the UAA tutorial and how to embed it in Blackboard courses. We have also created an APU edition of the AI Tutorial.


    One response to “Academic Honesty at UAA; How are we doing?”

    1. Thanks for your comment on our blog. Now that the new academic year has started, the Ad Hoc Committee on AI is again at work, and improving the tutorial is a priority for this year. There are a number of issues, and of course we want to make it as useful an exercise as possible. We especially value input from students, so appreciate your taking time to write.