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  • The AI Tutorial: a good introduction or refresher for all of us!

    Posted on 10/12/12 by Sally Bremner No comments

    Did you know that UAA has its own academic integrity tutorial?   It turns out we can thank Professor Robert Boeckmann, who recognized the need for such a tool in the Psychology Department back in the 2008-2009 academic year. Robert did the research, found a wonderful model at York University, and secured permission for UAA to adapt and use the tutorial here. FTC’s instructional designer, JoAnn Gonzales Major, produced a UAA version in Summer of 2010, customizing it for UAA policies and resources.  Since fall 2010, many faculty have assigned this tutorial to their students to expose them to the basics of academic integrity, particularly plagiarism. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to review the material and take the 10-question quiz.  Currently students receive immediate feedback so they can redo the questions they answered incorrectly until they attain 100%. The program then displays a certificate of completion bearing the student’s name.

    The Ad Hoc Committee on AI is currently working to improve the tutorial in a number of ways, and hopes to complete a major update this year. Despite its shortcomings, they feel the current version is still a very worthwhile exercise for students. The AI survey undertaken at UAA during the 2010-2011 year, showed there is considerable disagreement among faculty and students as to what constitutes plagiarism, and how seriously various behaviors are addressed (view the Final Report). This tutorial is perhaps our best tool right now in bringing these two groups together, and fostering useful dialogue.

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