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  • Academic Integrity Initiatives Underway

    Posted on 06/24/13 by Sally Bremner No comments

    The Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity took on several projects this year. Our proposed revisions to Part A of the Student Code Conduct will be reviewed by the UA Assembly in August. We completed work on Sanctioning Guidelines for the Dean of Students Office. These will be posted on the revamped DoS website shortly.  Online reporting of incidents of suspected academic dishonesty was offered in test mode during April. The Committee started working on an Academic Integrity guide for faculty that will lay out the Student Code of Conduct examples of academic dishonesty, reporting procedures, strategies for prevention, possible sanctions and Q&A. Lastly we developed additional scenarios and multiple choice answers for the AI Tutorial upgrade. Some were tested by high school students who were on campus in June. More work is needed and we hope to have some of the improvements made for the fall semester. The Ad Hoc Committee has applied for full standing committee status, as Committee on Academic Honesty and Integrity  pending the adoption of the revised constitution and bylaws by faculty poll.

    Meanwhile we encourage you and your students to  Take the Academic Integrity Tutorial, our best resource right now for teaching freshman about academic honesty, and how to avoid problems as they embark on their studies at UAA. The tutorial takes about 40 minutes, and displays a personalized Certificate of Completion so is well suited to a homework assignment.

    We will reconvene next Semester to continue this work. If you are interested in joining us, please be in touch at

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