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  • New Academic Integrity Tutorial Ready to Go!

    Posted on 06/05/14 by Sally Bremner No comments

    Academic Honesty and Integrity Committee “came of age” last August as a full standing committee of Faculty Senate.  We increased our membership to 16 and divided the group into Prevention and Intervention Subcommittees, led respectively by AHI Committee co-chairs, Sally Bremner and David Bowie. The Intervention group received training preparatory to assisting the Dean of Students Office in processing lower level academic integrity policy violations starting this fall. The Prevention group completed a major upgrade of the AI Tutorial — ready for use now — and a final draft of a Faculty Guide to Student Academic Integrity coming this fall.

    Here are our major accomplishments for 2013-2014:

    • New AI Tutorial and Quiz:  Available at and accessible to anyone – incoming freshmen and those without UAA credentials.  Little remains of the original tutorial. New software is in place with a Treasure Island theme that adds visual appeal and makes navigation easier.  We have focused less on plagiarism and the nitty gritty of citing, and more on other forms of academic dishonesty and why academic integrity is important. The quiz draws from 50 scenarios in 4 categories of academic dishonesty. Students must answer two questions from each category correctly for a pass and printable certificate, that can also be emailed. The questions have been tested in 10 classes of  Engineering, English. 111 and Honors students. We welcome your feedback.
    • Online Reporting of Suspected Academic Dishonesty Incidents: The Dean of Students Office has revamped its website for easy access to academic integrity information. Here you’ll find links to Sanction Guidelines and Reporting Procedure that includes an online reporting form for students, staff or instructors, as well as the Student Code of Conduct 1: Cheating, Plagiarism, or Other Forms of Academic Dishonesty – the policy that guides academic integrity on UA campuses.
    • Faculty Guide to Student Academic Integrity (Coming soon): Similar in format to  the Students in Crisis and Conflict brochure, this guide will provide a handy reference for instructors across UAA campuses. It will include Student Code of Conduct 1, categories of student dishonesty with suggestions for prevention and intervention, selected FAQ and supporting resources. We aim to give it final Committee approval early in September, and post it online soon afterwards. Printed copies will follow once our proposed revisions to Student Code of Conduct 1 awaiting review by UAF and UAS are finalized.

    The AHI Committee will reconvene in September. Meetings are held every second Monday at 8:30 am throughout the Fall and Spring semesters in the Consortium Library. We appreciate our multidisciplinary representation and welcome your interest.  You can reach us at


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