Learn about New Student Orientation and Academic and Multicultural Services at UAA on the next Informania, Thursday at 5pm, on KRUA 88.1.

On June 17, Deb the Librarian interviewed Theresa Lyons, Interim Director of  UAA’s Academic and Multicultural Services, and Director New Student Orientation on Informania.  This interview will be replayed on Thursday, June 20, 5pm-6pm, and will be available as a podcast soon after.

New Student Orientation = HOWL Days!

What is New Student Orientation?  New Student Orientation, otherwise known as Howl Days, is a one-day opportunity for new students to become familiar with services, opportunities, and advisers at UAA.  There is an online orientation, but in-person attendance is recommended for students transitioning between high school and college, and other in-coming students that have never attended classes at a university before.  When Theresa Lyons began leading these orientations about seven years ago, approximately 500 students attended.  Today, approximately 1000 students attend, and  this number is expected to increase.  Because it has been shown that students who have attended orientations are more likely to stay on track to graduation, there is the possibility that New Student Orientation will become mandatory at UAA.  For now, it is simply a great opportunity to get informed, inspired, and connected as a new student at UAA.  Students who go through New Student Orientation, also have the opportunity to participate in service learning (volunteer) opportunities.  All around, it is a worthwhile decision for new students to register for, and attend a New Student Orientation at UAA.

Who are the Wolf Pack Leaders at New Student Orientation?  They are successful, enthusiastic UAA students who have been trained in the wealth of information and leadership skills required to lead groups of students during Howl Days.  Are you interested in becoming a Wolf Pack Leader?  These student job opportunities are posted on uakjobs.com around March.  There are many other student jobs posted at uakjobs as well, so if you are interested in getting a job as a student at UAA, check it out!

UAA’s Academic and Multicultural Student Services

Theresa Lyons shared an abundance of information about the many departments that support student success at UAA.  Following are the departments discussed on Informania, with links to their web pages:

UAA has been responsive to student’s needs, both academically and socially, by increasing the opportunity for, and awareness of the incredible services offered through these departments!  In fact, Student Affairs is organizing a third division to increase support for first-year students, and help students overall achieve success in their academic endeavors.  Theresa shared that Dr. Lacy Karpillo is the new Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Access, Advising & Transition, and will oversee this division.  Meet the rest of the Student Affairs Team and discover the many resources available to students, staff, and faculty from the Student Affairs Team web site.
Songs played on today’s Informania show included:  Information, by Dredg, and That’s What Friends Are For, by Dionne Warwick.