October meeting recap

We had 7 people attend our Oct. 19 meeting, which kept the discussion lively and engaging. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it!

For those who weren’t there, we talked a lot about how to promote and plan future FLIP meetings in a way that would allow even more people to attend and participate. Do you have any ideas to put forth regarding future meeting days, times, locations, discussion topics, presentation formats, etc? If so please comment here to let us know! We really do want to make FLIP meetings more accessible to more people.

On that note, we’ve decided that our November meeting will be presented via E-Live from a classroom in the UAA/APU Consortium Library. This means that anyone interested my attend either in person or via a desktop video feed. We’re still working on the details, but for now mark November 9 at Noon on your calendar for the next meeting date.