Bookin’ Librarians had a great weekend

This past weekend, the Bookin’ Librarians completed the MS Challenge, a 74 mile ride from Hope to Seward on Saturday and then 74 mile ride back to Hope on Sunday. The ride is a fund raiser for the National MS Society. I hed done the ride in 2008 and 2009 as an indivdual, but this year was joined by some fellow librarians and friends.

There were six of us riding–Drew, Judy, Megan, Mike, Paul and Scott–plus my wife Ruth came along to provide moral support and a cold beer at the finish line each day. Unlike previous years, we had wonderful blue skies and sunshine on both days. As usual, the race volunteers were great and there was plenty of good food and variety at the rest stops–pancakes, soups, grill cheese sandwiches, pizza, etc. I think I gained 5 pounds during the ride.

The really neat thing is how many people made donations to the MS Society on behalf of the team. We raised over $5300 which put us in second place among the friends and family teams and Scott was the second place fundraiser overall.  Many thanks to our generous colleagues, friends, and family!