It’s a girl!

IMG_7499Our daughter up in Fairbanks had her first child and our first granddaughter, who’s name is Thistle.  Mom, baby and family are all doing well.  I can’t wait to met her in person, we’ve been spoiled because our two grandsons (Sydney 6 and Rory almost  3) live in Anchorage.

Welcome to the World

About 12 hours old

Another addition to the family, our second grandson. Rory was born on December 8th and is doing fine. His parents and brother moved in with us a few months ago after they returned from Taiwan, so Rory makes six. It’s great having a full, noisyjoyful house!

Older brother Sydney learning mad skills at the library with grandpa

Getting Ready for Winter



I went for a run today and it was lightly snowing on the trail at about 300-400′ elevation.  So winter is here!  The house is pretty much ready–garden tore down, firewood gathered, garage cleaned out, etc.  This winter we have a new addition to the family, our first grandchild Sidney.  He was born October 1st on my birthday.  Mother, father and son are all doing fine.