Learn how UAA’s Academic Coaching Center can help, Wednesday at 9am (or Thurs. at 5pm) on Informania, 88.1FM, kruaradio.org.

Deb the Librarian interviews two people who strive to help UAA students succeed.  Kelsi Swenson is the Operating Coordinator at the Learning Resources Center, and Cameron Nay is the Writing Center and Academic Coaching Center Manager.  The Learning Resources Center (LRC), which houses the Academic Coaching Center, the Writing Lab, the Math Lab, the Center for Language Learning, and a computer lab, is located in the Sally Monserud Hall, near the Wendy Williamson auditorium.  Discover how the LRC can help you!

Informania airs on Wednesday at 9am and repeats Thursday at 5pm.  Listen, and be informed!

Informania’s theme song is Information, by Dredg.

Informania highlights, “Becoming a Strategic Learner,” Wed., 9am, and Thurs., 5pm, 88.1FM, kruaradio.org.

This week on Informania, Deb the Librarian talks about strategies shared in the document, “Becoming a Strategic Learner,”  Topics include setting goals, motivation, overcoming anxiety, and attitude.  Other topics covered in becoming-a-strategic-learner include concentration, time management and information processing.

Additional sources shared on this Informania program include:

Occupational Outlook Handbook (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/), a source that provides overviews about different occupations, including salary range and educational requirements.

Testing and Education Reference Center, a source, available to Alaskans, that provides (from their website description):

  • Over 300 practice tests and courses
  • Ebooks containing valuable study material and practice tests
  • Information on over 4,000 accredited schools
  • Scholarship search featuring $8 billion in available scholarships
  • Resume builder with over 1,000 brainstorming phrases to get you started
  • Career modules covering subjects from career change to salary negotiations

To access the Testing and Education Reference Center and other subscription resources for Alaskans, check out SLED.  Searching the words Alaska SLED in Google is a quick way to find this website full of many useful resources!


Learn to research like a pro!

Looking for a 1 credit elective to take Spring of 2016?

Consider taking LS 101 and learn how to efficiently locate and ethically use information. From formulating your research topic to evaluating sources, Introduction to Academic Research will prove valuable to your academic career and beyond.

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Informania explores longboarding, starting a business, and literacy advocacy with 907Boards owner, Casey Conner, age 16. 88.1FM, kruaradio.org

On Wednesday, February 3, from 9am-10am, Informania host Deb the Librarian interviewed Casey Conner (age 16), and 907Boards co-owner (and Casey’s Mom), Lisa Conner, about Casey’s longboard business, 907Boards. Casey first developed interest in creating longboards while a middle school student at Hanshew in an afternoon wood shop program.  For seven months now, he has been running his own longboard store in Anchorage, near Dimond and Old Seward (between Papa John’s and the Pink Elephant Car Wash).  On this Informania show, Casey and Lisa discuss the steps they took to establish Casey’s business of designing and making longboards and opening a store.  They have also expanded services to include longboard lessons, field trips, and birthday parties (they have a half pipe in the back of the store!).   Casey welcomes opportunities to be a guest speaker at schools, and invites field trips to his business.


In addition to sharing about business development, Casey provides education about longboarding, differences between a longboard and skateboard, and talkes about the longboarding community events he organizes.  Casey welcomes opportunities to teach people of all ages how to longboard.  Safety equipment is a must!!!

Check out this article about 907Boards:  http://www.concretewavemagazine.com/page/3/


Casey and Lisa are passionate about helping students that learn differently develop literacy.  They are advocating for this through Longboards for Change, LB4C.  They believe all people have the right to a good education, and strive to promote literacy for all.  Lisa and Casey want to bring awareness to literacy services, and help parents easily find the resources they need to help children struggling with dyslexia and other learning challenges.  Longboarding provides a healthy way to engage students and draw attention to this important cause.  Way to go, 907Boards!

You can call 907Boards at 907-242-0166, or check them out at 907Boards.com or on Facebook.  Their store on Old Seward is open 12pm-6pm, 7 days per week.

This Informania show will be replayed on Thursday, Feb. 4 at 5pm.  Listen and be informed!

Holocaust Resources

January 27th was Holocaust Remembrance Day, so I thought I would offer a few relevant websites, reference titles, and films.

Museum Websites
These links are for the primary museums in the United States, Israel, and Germany; there is a wealth of online material offered:

http://www.ushmm.org              United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
http://www.yadvashem.org       Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum
http://www.jmberlin.de/main/EN/homepage-EN.php          Jewish Museum, Berlin

Reference Collection Resources
Here are a few Reference Collection titles that are either focused on the Holocaust or else have significant sections concerning the Holocaust:

REF D804.3.E53 1990
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (4 vols.)

REF D804.3.O94 2010
Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies

REF D805.A2 U55 2009…
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and
Ghettos, 1933-1945
(4 books in 2 volumes out of a projected 7 volumes)

REF D804.19.H55 2006
The Holocaust (Primary Sourcebook Series)

REF DS102.8.E496 2007
Encyclopedia Judaica, 2nd ed., vol. 9 (Her-Int)

REF DS134.255.J8313 2010
The Jews in the secret Nazi reports on popular opinion in Germany, 1933-1945

REF HV6322.7.E532 2005
Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

REF JC578.H386 2006
Handbook of Reparations

Other Works
We also have many titles on the Holocaust beyond the Reference Collection. You can search in the Library Catalog or in QuickSearch on relevant terms such as Holocaust or Jewish Resistance to find them. WorldCat offers many more titles, although you will need to make interlibrary loan requests for many of them.

Films about the Holocaust: A Short and Very, Very Incomplete List
We don’t have many Holocaust-related films at the Consortium Library, but here are a few that are available from Anchorage Public Libraries, NetFlix, and other sources:

Shoah (1985; 6 DVDs) – APL Loussac – DVD FOR FREN 940.53 SHOAH
Night and Fog (1955; 31 minutes) – APL Loussac – DVD FOR FREN 940.5317 NIGHT-A

Feature Films
Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987) – APL Loussac – DVD FOR FREN AU-REVO
Schindler’s List (1993) – APL Eagle River – DVD FE SCHINDL
The Shop on Main Street (1965) – APL Loussac – DVD FN SHOP-ON
Kapo (1959) – APL Loussac – DVD FOR ITAL KAPO

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Informania explores elearning resources with KRUA’s TechnoRadio host DJ Dave “The Boss” Dannenberg.

Wednesday, January 27, 9am-10am, Deb the Librarian interviewed Dave Dannenberg, DJ of TechnoRadio and the Director of Academic Innovations and eLearning.  In addition to providing insight into the Academic Innovations and eLearning Department, Dave discussed ePortfolios and distance learning resources.


Digication ePortfolio software is available to UAA students at alaska.digication.com.  Questions about how to use or create an ePortfolio?  Call 786-4496, or check out Academic Innovations and eLearning’s ePortfolio website at https://www.uaa.alaska.edu/academicinnovations/eportfolios.cfm

Resources for eLearning and entertainment!

Atomic Learning, lynda.com and hoopladigital.com were discussed on today’s show.

Atomic Learning provides online learning opportunities for UAA students.  Search for Atomic Learning in the UAA search box to see what videos are available.

Lynda.com, another resource that provides learning opportunities on photography, 3D, business, and more, has become available through the Anchorage Public Library. You can log on with an Anchorage Public Library card.  Go to an Anchorage Public Library branch, check out www.anchoragelibrary.org or call 907-343-2975 for more information about obtaining a library card.

Hoopladigital.com is also available through the public library.  Hoopla allows you to “instantly borrow free digital movies, music, eBooks and more, 24/7 with your [Anchorage] library card” (hoopladigital.com promotional bookmark).  The three step process for signing up for hoopladigital.com:

1) Download the app or go to hoopladigital.com

2) Log in with your Anchorage Public Library card

3) Borrow free digital movies, music and more!

Informational radio programs on KRUA, 88.1FM, www.kruaradio.org!

Listen to TechnoRadio on Tuesdays from 9am-10am or Thursdays from 4pm-5pm.  Listen to Informania on Wednesdays from 9am-10am or Thursdays from 5pm-6pm.  Listen and be informed!


Check out the Consortium Library Prize

The Consortium Library Prize lauds an exemplary undergraduate research project from any discipline which demonstrates evidence of significant scholarly investigation and utilization of library resources, print as well as electronic. The winning student author will be officially recognized university-wide and will receive a $500 award.

Deadline: March 22, 2016 at 5:00pm
For more information, please visit the Consortium Library Prize webpage.

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Justice Data and Research

Are you doing research in relation to criminal justice topics?  If so, did you know that the Justice Center does all kinds of research studies and produces data that can be highly useful.  See information about what is available on their website.  Also, during 2015 the Justice Center celebrated 40 years 1975-2015.



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